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Actor Dileep’s King Liar Malayalam movie has been a successful one from Director Lal. release date of King Liar movie was on April 2016. It was a good comedy entertainer from Dileep with script from Siddique-Lal and direction from Lal.

King Liar Malayalam movie includes cast like Dileep and Madonna Sebastian in main roles. King Liar movie has good revioew rating of around 3.5 out of 5. For everyone who like to laugh this movie is a must watch.

Dileep does role of Sathyanarayan a person who tells lies continuously to survive from problems in his daily life. How does he tell lies and solve problems is shown with a touch of comedy n this movie. Siddique-Lal combination has always created super hits in Malayalam film industry. Through this movie they came together after a gap of 22 long years.

Actress Madonna Sebastian does role of Anjali. Actor Lal does role of Anand Vara whileactress  Asha Sarath does role of his wife Devika Varma.

King Liar Malayalam movie stills

King Liar Malayalam movie


Cast of King Liar Malayalam movie


  • Balu Varghese
  • Dileep
  • Lal
  • Joy Mathew
  • Hareesh Perumanna


  • Asha Sarath
  • Madonna Sebastian
  • Natasha
  • Aileena Catherine