Kerala PSC Verification Fees Rs.1000 Fees to be Collected

On Tuesday, 17 August 2015, Kerala Public Service Commission has decided to collect Rs.1000 as Verification Fees from all candidates. This will make all government job seekers in Kerala to give an amount of Rs.1000 as Kerala PSC Verification Fees.

All candidates who have been selected for appointment will have to pay Rs.1000 as Verification fees to Kerala PSC. No other Indian state is presently collecting any such fees. There has been some issues between the Kerala Finance Department under KM Mani and Kerala PSC. There has been continuous demands from PSC that they are not able to function without sufficient funds.

Lakhs of money was necessary to conduct , evaluate examinations and appoint candidates to various Government jobs. Dr K S Radhakrishnan is the Kerala PSC chairman and he was forced to take such a decision regarding the collecting of fees from applicants, because the Kerala Government did not allot required funds. Verification process is conducted for  verifying the certificates of job applicants who have passed in written examination and waiting for getting appointment.

So Kerala PSC will be collecting Thousand Rupees from all job seeking candidates as verification fees. This fees is not collected from the candidates during One Time Registration. It is done before verification of certificates.

Kerala PSC Verification Fees

How to Details – Candidates have to bring an Identification Certificate in prescribed formats for getting Certificate Verification.

Kerala PSC Verification Fees

And For this purpose, they have to show original identity proof, with a self attested copy of this ID Proof and passport size photograph taken within 6 months of verification date. In coming days this will cause lot of protests in Kerala Politics. Student organizations and other parties will start staging protest against this move by Kerala PSC.

This will then turn up against Kerala Government under Oommen Chandy and Finance Minister K.M Mani. In the end it may lead to a situation where the Kerala Govt will have to sanction the funds to Kerala PSC.