Kerala private medical fees for MBBS courses 2017 by Supreme Court

Kerala Private medical fees for MBBS courses in self financed colleges has  been authorised by Supreme Court. As per SC verdict given on 28 August 2017 private media colleges can collect MBBS fees up to Rs. Eleven lakhs (11,00,000) per academic year.

In this Kerala private Medical fees Rs. 5 lakh has to be paid immediately at the time of admission. Balance fees of Rs. 6 lakh has to be paid as cash or bank guarantee with 15 days.

This decision by Supreme Court has shocked all students who we are awaiting MBBS admission through Kerala self financing medical colleges. This sedative was given by Supreme Court in the appeal filed by Kerala government against Supreme Court order deciding high fees for private MBBS courses. Supreme Court Judges S. A. Bobde, L. Nageswara Rao had given this the date on 28 / 8 / 2017. Kerala self financing medical colleges have independent Rupees 15 lacs as fees from students in Kerala. Present Supreme Court order is sanctioning collection of Rupees 15 lacs for MBBS courses for each academic year.

Students and parents who have been awaiting admission to MBBS seats in private medical colleges not happy with this order. Students have responded that paying rupees 5 lacs as face and getting a bank guarantee of rupees 6 lacs within 15 days is not easy for them. Kerala private Medical fees of rupees 15 lakh per year is very high.

For medical colleges like KMCT, Sree Narayana College the maximum fees will be 11 lacs. A committee appointed by Kerala state government will decide on the maximum fees that can be  decided for each college. Based on locality and other conditions the maximum fees that can be collected for each medical college will be decided. If Private self financing colleges find this fees decided by committee as not justifiable, the association will go to Supreme Court again.

Kerala private medical fees for MBBS courses

Total fees can be up to Rs.15 lakhs per year.

  • Rs.5 lakhs immediate payment as first year fees
  • Remaining Rs. 6 lakhs as Bank guarantee

Kerala private medical fees

Few Christian management colleges in private self financing sector has informed that they are not ready to increase fees. These colleges will continue collecting rupees 5 lacs and face the Year from MBBS students. Names of these for self financing medical colleges in Kerala are Jubilee, Ambala, kolenchery, pushpagiri medical colleges. They also informed that they will not collect any bank guarantee or bond for remaining 6 lacs fees.

Based on this Supreme Court order Kerala state government should start allotment and complete it by 31 August 2017. Supreme court has directed Kerala government to complete MBBS admission in this time.

Kerala minister KK Shylaja said that is inquiring about whether there is any way to avoid rupees 6 lacs bank guarantee.