Pay Fixation Software for 2014-2015 Kerala Pay Revision 10th Pay Revision commission

Pay Fixation Software and Calculators are very useful for finding out the Pay fixation, fitment of Pay Scale Revisions for 2014-2015 as per Kerala’s 10th Pay Revision commission.

The Pay Calculation Software for Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board (KKVIB) Staff is also updated by an user named Shijoy, who has made useful software’s for employees to calculate pay fixation in Kerala. Kerala Daily Wages Contract Staff Minimum Salary Govt Scale – On 18-2-2016 Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy informed in Niyamasabha Budget spech that Kerala Daily Wages and Contract employees will get a pay revision.

With this latest move all employees who are working for Kerala Govt in Contract and Daily wages will have the eligibility to get Minimum Salary according to Kerala Government staff. According to this all staff in Kerala Govt whether they are permanent or temporary employees in contract or Daily Wages can get a minimum salary equal to that of other employees in the same designation in Kerala govt pay scale. This move by UDF govt was welcomed by all employees who are working in temporary, part time, contingent, contract , daily wage scales.

For implementation of these new changes the Kerala Government will have an additional burden of 135 Crores. All employees who are working for at least 10 years in Daily wages have eligibility to get their contract extended and get re-appointment upto 3 years based on their performance in that job.

All Employees in Kerala Government will get Minimum salary even if they are working in Daily wages or Contract.

Pay Fixation Software Kerala Details

Other main recommendations and changes brought by the Kerala Govt for employees in Daily wages category are as follows,

  • Ayah’s or helpers preparing Noon Meal in Schools will get Rs.400 to Rs.500
  • Rs.1000 Honorarium to Saksharatha Prerak’s.
  • Anganvady Workers will get salary of Rs.10000 and Anganvadi Helpers will get Rs.7000
  • Minimum Wages and DA Arrears for Eetta Vettu and Panambu employees will be paid
  • Head load Workers Welfare employees pension wil be given. Rs.1 Crore sanctioned
  • Tailoring Employees (Thayal Thozhilalikal) has also been considered
  • Haritha-Maithri Karshika Vipanikal (markets) will eb set allover Kerala
  • Home Guards will be given Rs.100 as additional Daily allowance
  • For Khadi modernization Rs.1 Crore will be set aside
  • Framers who have Cattle, Hen will get all facilities, exemptions in loans, free electricity .etc.
  • Niravu framing scheme will be done in all places in Kerala
  • Karunya Benevolent Scheme for Managalapuram, Coimbaore hospitals too.

Pay Fixation Software

This person has also successfully made Salary Fixation Software and Wages Revision calculation software for Malabar Cements Walayar Palakkad Employees, Plantation Corporation Kerala Kottayam, Kerala Water Authority KWA Staff.

This is not an official pay fixation software , but is made by an employee for making it easier for others to find out the fixation details. Pay revision software (2016) calculators come handy while preparing pay fixations, avoiding complex formulas in determining it.

Download (Latest) – Excel Format

Other old Pay revision software’s for finding out the Kerala Revised Pay scales.

Latest software for fixation of Pay as per Pay Revision of Kerala Government Employees for July 2014-2015 will be updated by Shijoy.

Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board (KKVIB) Employees Pay Fixation Software is available for download at –

Shijoy James who has prepared these useful software’s is from Kozhikode and is working as Intelligence Inspector in Commercial Taxes section at Kozhikode in Kerala.

Pay fixation calculator and Fixation formula for Kerala Government employees based on the recommendations by 10th Pay Revision of Kerala has been updated. All the important recommendations by the Commission has been approved by the Kerala Cabinet and will come into effect from February 2016.

The Tenth Pay Commission of Kerala had Justice C.N Ramachandran Nair as the Chairman, Sri. KV Thomas as the Member Secretary and Adv. T.V. George as the Member. The official website of the Commission is and it has detailed information of all the recommendations, revision of pay scales , pension , other incentives .etc. of different departments in Kerala Government as on 2016.

Pay Fixation Software Calculator, App 10th Kerala Revision

The Tenth Pay Fixation has been announced in Kerala as on 2016 with effect from July 2014. With he revised pay scales , lot of new software’s, calculators, mobile apps have been developed. But, we believe that the versions of the pay fixation software calculator always change and we have to keep track on these changes.

So we have decided to update the information on the latest calculators for pay fixation that has been released or the new apps that have been developed or updated.

Kerala government employees got good revised pay scales with which their basic salary, increments, pension .etc. increased by good values.

The fitment formula calculation of pay fixation is sometimes difficult for ordinary people to understand and make calculation which makes them decide to take the help of some kind of pay fixation software that is reliable to use.

In order to get the correct calculation you have to make sure that you are using the updated versions of software’s which has all the latest  revised pay scales, pay band .etc.

Earlier in this website we had written about many pay revision software, excel calculators, mobile apps for making the pay fixation calculation.

But as there has been many changes in versions of old software’s announced by the developers we decided to inform all Kerala government employees about the new ones which are updated as follows.

Latest New Versions of Pay Fixation Software Calculator for Kerala Employees

  • Pay fixation calculator 2016 Version 3 (Developer – Anubhesh Sudhakaran) – The Latest Version Of This Software is available for download at
  • Android Mobile App for Kerala Pay Fixation (App Developer – Eldo K Mathew) –

In this article about Pay fixation calculation we are discussing about the new Pay Fixation Software and calculator mobile apps that can be downloaded or used from google Playstore Android versions and Apple store iPhone, blackberry versions.

The Tenth Pay Revision of Kerala was announced in 2015 and it was implemented from the year 2016 with effect from previous months. There has been lot of demands from employees at the time of pay revision and still many people are trying to get more information about it.

It is usually useful for all departments of te Government staff of a State and for another state in India, a separate one is necessary which has all details like minimum salary, DA, allowances, fitment benefits that are according to the Pay Commission of that place.