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Fees structure for Kerala Private Medical Colleges for academic year 2017-2018 has been decided by Government. On Monday, 26th June 2017 Kerala MBBS fees 2017 for medical seats in private self financing medical colleges have been published. A special committee for fees decision organized by Kerala Government has comer up with this new fees structure for MBBS seats in Kerala.

From now on 85 percentage of seats will have Rs.5,50,000 (Five and Half Lakhs) as fees and NRI seats will be for Rs.20,00,000 (20 Lakhs). All self financing medical colleges / private medical colleges will have to collect fees only as per this published rate. This new MBBS seats fees sanctioned by Government is only half of the rate demanded by them. Management association of self finance colleges in Kerala has raised their voice against this new fees rate which is very low as per their demand.

Kerala self financing medical colleges have informed that they will not agree with this new fees structure published by Government in June 2017. They have decided to approach Court regarding this issue in fees decision for MBBS seats. Private Medical College Managements are saying that fees of Rs. 5.5 lakhs for normal seats and Rs. 20 lakhs for NRI seats is not acceptable.

Private colleges have deamnded Government that they need an annual fees revision of Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs per seat. For NRI seats they have demand for Rs.15 lakhs only.

Admissions to MBBS seats are based on NEET scores. Kerala Government is trying to bring 20% scholarship for seats in self financing colleges.

As per latest news on 26 June 2017, Kerala MBBS fees structure for Private colleges for academic year 2017-2018 is as follows.

For 85 % of seats in Kerala Private Colleges Rs.5.5 lakhs.

For remaining 15% of NRI seats in Private colleges Rs.20 lakhs.

Kerala MBBS fees

Manorama news on Kerala MBBS fees 2017

As per managements demand they require up to Rs. 8 lakhs minimum fees for a normal MBBS seat. Admission procedures have to be completed before 31 August 2017 as per Supreme Court order.