Kerala land registration online under digital india land records modernization

Digital India land records modernization is a program started by central government in 2008. In this article we are going to discuss about Kerala land registration online procedures and latest development. Even though satellite mapping started in year 2008 digitalization of land registration was not done by any village offices. From October 2017 manacaud village at Trivandrum district in Kerala state.

Kerala land registration online details through GPS resurvey will be made available at manacaud village office in Thiruvananthapuram. Manacaud village office will get the credit to become first village office in Kerala state to become an online village. From now on all land registration activities will be available online through GPS Re-survey data.

Going to village offices for various requirements was very difficult till now. But with arrival of online village facilities in Kerala or land registration activities will be easy. It will also bring an end to fraudulent activities like cheating people by selling land in unauthorised a government properties (Purambokku), selling properties of other people without their knowledge. Manacaud village becomes first online village in Kerala and next one will be Thirumala village which will also become digitalized based on digital India land records modernization.

What are different facilities available through an online village in India is now in inquired by everyone.

How will it will be helpful to common man in buying or selling property in Kerala.

State IT cell under land information mission and land revenue commissionerate has started digitalization program under Revenue Department. From October 2017 official portal of Revenue Department wheel give integrated GIS map containing RIR (Record of Right) details of each owner.

Kerala land registration online village office

Through online village office portals in Kerala land registration and property deed related activities can be made easy. Payment of land tax, property tax will be made online through this facility. Satellite map of all properties will be available through the new map created by GPS Resurvey.

It will be done through and unique ID for real estate properties. Through land registration activities which will be made compulsory through this unique ID, all fraudulent activities in property sale can be easily found out. Information of property owners and boys will be shared by revenue department with other government departments. All details of an owner will be included in property deed and this will be used for getting loan from banks.

What is RIR number ?

ROR is known as Record Of Right which will be the unique ID required for all land related transactions.

Anyone interested in buying a property in a particular online village office area can easily examine details of property. Actual owner name and Road near this property and all details will be available through the GPS map. Print out of this map can be taken by giving a small fees to Revenue Department.

Based on example shown by Manacaud village office which became an online village office from October 2017, all village offices in Kerala will become digitalized.

This GPS digitalization procedure to become online village office will be started by all areas in Kerala based on digital India land records modernization. There is a court order that Re survey activities in Idukki district should be done only through GPS satellite resurvey. This makes online GPS Re survey and important thing in Kerala for land reservations. 9 village office areas in Kasargod districts are conducting GPS survey.

Get implementation of GPS map for village offices it will be easy to see map of properties like that in a Google Map. Also it is possible to download sketch of a property by paying a small piece. It will also be able to see plots by zooming map and distance between two plots can be known easily find all nearby landmarks to each property will be clearly marked in the map. Sketch required for land registration can be updated from this map.

How to use Kerala land registration online portal of village office

Using of official website of Kerala land registration department for assessing details of village office will become very easy in coming future point at present in digital mapping of only manacaud village is completed. Very soon Thirumala village in Trivandrum will also be updated.

Assessing details from this portal can be done by creating and user ID in this portal. Sketches of your property can be downloaded from Revenue Department portal by paying fees. Downloading of templates for property that can be done through this website. This is required for generating digitalized property deed. Is standing and registration fees can be paid online. You can also free selected date and time for registering property deed.

Based on this the buyer and seller can go to register office during this time and do registration. Photos of buyer and seller will be taken at register office and will be used as a document in land registration. After some days to approach this registration it will be available to village office. After village officer also approach this registration the buyer will get an SMS message after that land thanks for this property can be paid online and Temporary sketch will be given to realisation centre of that particular district. Within 2 days this new land registration details will be updated in Resurvey map also.