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There is no hartal in Kerala on Monday 16 April 2018. Fake WhatsApp message is spreading in social media that Janakeeya hartal will be held on 16-4-2018. This message has created a lot of confusion among people who are looking to know whether any Kerala hartal is declared. As per latest information there is no hartal call by any political parties on this date.

On Monday 9 April 2018 there will be Kerala hartal by Dalit Aikya Vedhi. It will be from morning 6 am to evening 6 pm on 9-4-2018. All exms of Kerala, Kochi, Kannur, Calicut universities have been postponed. There are Intelligence reports that there is chance for problems during hartal. KSRTC, Private buses, shops .etc. has informed that it will conduct services as usual. Buses are running in first 2 hours of hartal.

Strike (Panimudakku) held in Kerala on Monday 2nd April 2018 by trade unions will be like a Kerala hartal. There will not be any vehicle strike (Vahana panimudakku). Because KSRTC staff unions and may other unions except BMS (Baharatiya Mazdoor Sangh) are taking part in this strike it will have effect of a hartal in Kerala. BMS which is BJP supporting trade union will keep away from protesting activities as decision to bring contract labour law is take by Central government under BJP. Private vehicles will not be affected by this 24 hours long strike held on 2-4-2018.

Let us see which all exams in Kerala has been postponed due to Kerala strike. All examinations of Kerala university, MG university (Mahatma Gandhi), CUSAT university, Calicut university, Kannur university, Theory exams of Kerala University of Health Sciences (Arogya university) on 2nd April 2018 has been postponed. Kerala PSC has announced that examinations scheduled to be conducted on 2-4-18 will not be changed or postponed. PSC exams on 2-4-2018 will be conducted without any change. There was a fake Whatsapp message that MG University 4th semester CBCSS exams on Tuesday, 3rd April has been changed and a complaint has been given to Cyber cell regarding it. Tourists or people on vacation trips in Kerala on Monday 2-4-2018 will be most affected. If you are traveling in a taxi or own car you will not be affected by this strike because it is not a hartal or bandh. But if you plan to depend on KSRTC buses or autos you will have to face difficulties due to this 24 hour strike.

Central government’s decision to bring contract labour rules into effect has created a feeling of job insecurity among employees all over India. Which all sectors of employees will be affected by new Contract labour law rule is being inquired by everyone. It will mainly affect labourers in factories, industries. When this new labour rule comes into effect recruitment can be done by employing staff for a specific contract period. It will prevent employees being recruited till they reached pension age. This new contract labor rue has many advantages and disadvantages. As employees are taken for a specific contract period it will help everyone to get job. Many opportunities will come for job seekers as there will be no permanent jobs.

A contract period ends within 1 or 3 years it will give opportunities to other job seekers without waiting for a vacancy till a person reaches pension age. Coordination Committee of Central Trade Unions in Kerala has decided to protest against this decision by BJP ruling Central government. Kerala trade unions like CITU, INTUC, AITUC, STU, HMS .etc. have joined this strike on 2-4-2018.

This new labour rule announced by Gazette notification on 16 March 2018 (16-3-2018) will bring an end to fixed term employment in India. All companies will be eligible to employ workers on contract for a fixed term, employees will not be given any termination notice and will not be given any notice period salary if this contract is terminated. It means that many rights that employees got through trade unions will come to an end. Amendment of Labour law to appoint staff on contract will bring an end to Trade unions as contract staff keep on changing in companies.

Keralathil ‘nale hartal undo’, ‘nale hartal ano’ ‘nale hartal pinvalicho’, hartal pinvalichu’ are common inquiries by people of Kerala as this is God’s own country for hartals and bandhs. All latest news updates on Kerala hartal will be updated. Is there any problems related to hartal happening today. What is condition of hartal in Kerala with latest news photos, videos will be updated. Most exams in schools, colleges, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala University, PSC exams, interviews.etc.  scheduled to be conducted on Kerala hartal dates will be postponed.

Information regarding postponing of exams, classes .etc. has to be confirmed by everyone with their respected areas. We cannot guarantee or take responsibility regarding any dates and whether it will be postponed unless official declaration is received.

People of Kerala start their day by asking ‘Is there any hartal tomorrow ?’ or ‘Is there a Hartal today?’. It’s because hartals have become a routine procedure in life of an average Keralite.

Harthal in Kerala latest news 2018  – Holidays

April 2018

  • 16-4-2018 There is no hartal in Kerala on this date.
  • 9-4-2018 there will be hartal by Dalit Aikya Vedhi in protest against attack on Dalits in North India.
  • (2-4-2018) On 2 nd April 2018 there will be a 24 hour Kerala strike called by Trade Unions.

January 2018

  • 18-2-2018 Alappuzha Congress,  CPM hartal from 6.00 to afternoon
  • 24-1-2018 Motor vehicle strike all over Kerala
  • 22-1-2018 Students strike all over Kerala by ABVP
  • 20-1-2018 BJP hartal at Kannur in protest against aytack on ABVP activist Shyamaprasad.
  • 11-1-2018 – UDF hartal at Thrithala in Palakkad, School holiday in Kozhikode because they won  school kalolsavam.
  • 10-1-18 Thrissur schools get holiday due to closing ceremony of School kalolsavam. All schools except CBSE get holiday.
  • Strike cancelled. On 6-1-2018 –  on Saturday, 6th January 2018 there will be no Motor vehicle strike in Kerala

December 2017

  • 29-12-17 – CPI(M) hartal at Payyoli in Kozhikode on Friday, 29th December 2017
  • 28-12-17 CPIM hartal at Sreekaryam, Ulloor in Trivandrum
  • 26-12-2017 – BJP hartal on Tuesday, 26th December 2017 at Ettumanoor municipality in protest of attack on a RSS office. CPM hartal at Thillenkeri, Koodali, Maloor, Keezhalloor, Iritti, Mattannur.
  • 1-12-2017 Public holiday for Nabidinam Schools, colleges, offices holiday on 1st December 2017.
  • 9-12-2017 BJP hartal at Ponnani in Malappuram.

November 2017

  • 26-11-2017 BJP hartal at Kaipamangalam in Thrissur.
  • 18-11-17 SDPI hartal at Kollam cancelled
  • 22-11-2017 Hartal at Idukki
  • 13-11-2017 BJP hartal at Guruvayoor, Manaloor.
  • 10-11-2017 UDF hartal against attack on Youth congress activists by AIYF.
  • 8 November 2017 തൃശൂര്‍ ജില്ലയില്‍ ഹിന്ദു ഐക്യവേദി ഹര്‍ത്താല്‍ (8/11/2017)
  • 3 November 2017 Hartal at Chavakkad
  • On 1st November 2017, UDF hartal at Karasserry, Kizhiparambu, Kodiyathoor panchayaths in Kozhikode in protests against Lathi charge on GAIL protesters.

Hartal in Kerala

October 2017 hartals

  • Vidyabyasa Bandh – Students strike announced by KSU at Kollam on Tuesday, 24 October 2017.
  • 24-10-2017 – Hartal at 4 panchayaths in Idukki like Upputhara, Irattayar, Kanchiyaar, Ayyappankovil due to problems in in giving pattayam to people
  • 16-10-2017 – UDF hartal on Monday, 16th October 2017 all over Kerala. This Congress hartal in Kerala is in protest against GST taxation problems and hike in petrol diesel prices due to non reduction of tax by Kerala state government.
  • 9 October 2017, CPI M hartal at Panoor in Kannur in protest on RSS attack. UDF hartal at Kadamboor in Kannur on same day.
  • 9th, 10th October 2017 there will be All India Motor vehicle strike for 4 hours.
  • 8-9-2017 – Due to heavy rainfalls, all schools in Kerala state has been given holiday on Monday 18th September 2017 (18/9/2017).
  • 16-9-2017 BJP hartal at Sultan Bathery in Wayanad district.
  • 24-8-2017 BJP Hartal at Tirur from 12 pm to night 8 pm.
  • 18-8-2017 Kerala Private bus strike.
  • BJP Hartal in Kerala on 30 July 2017 – BJP has called for hartal on Sunday, 30-7-2017.
  • PDP Hartal Cancelled – Hartal which was to be held on on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been called off.
  • On Wednesday,12 July 2017 (12-7-2017) there will be BJP hartal at Payyanur in Kannur district in protest against attack on BJP office.
  • On Tuesday,11 July 2017 (11-7-2017) there will be RSS hartal at Pathanamthitta in protest against lathi charge by Police on 10 July.
  • On Friday, 7 July 2017 (7-7-2017) there will be KSU hartal at Idukki in protest against lathi charge by Police at Thodupuzha on 6 July.
  • On Tuesday, 4 July 2017 hartal at Harippad in Alleppey organized by Yuvamorcha of BJP party.
  • On Tuesday, 4 July 2017 വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ ബന്ദ് / Vidhyabhyasa Bandh by KSU Party in Kerala.

Kerala hartal has made a Century in 2017 from January to October month. Yes Kerala people had 100 hartals till now in 2017 and is continuing to increase.

BJP, RSS parties had called for 38 hartals while CPM (LDF) and Congress (UDF) called for 14 hartals each till now in year 2017. UDF party has credit for 100th hartalin Kerala which will be on 16th October 2017.