Latest News on 2017 Hartal in Kerala by Political Party, Kerala Hartal Call Reason

On 6th April 2017 a state wide hartal is announced by UDF in Kerala except in Malappuram district. Meanwhile BJP has called for harthal at Trivandrum and Kozhikode on 6-4-17. Hartal or Bandh is common in various states in India as a way to protest against an issue prevailing at that time. When ever a hartal is called everyone wants to know it’s reason. Hartal’s in Kerala are very common and so every one wants to know reasons of a hartal call now. Bandh has been banned by Court, but still it is being done in other forms like strike or hartal. Supreme Court recently rules that hartal cannot be legally prohibited because it is a way of showing protest by an individual or party against an issue. It is a right of person to protest against a problem which cannot be prevented.

Latest Kerala hartal news that is coming out now is regarding a strike called by Kerala BJP against attack on Jishnu Pranoy’s parents at Thiruvananthapuram Police office on 5 April 2017.Jishnu’s mother and sister came to Trivandrum to seek justice in this case and asked for arrest of culprits in this case. They were attacked by Police when they tried to protest against Police who were not arresting culprits. Jishnu’s mother Mahija was arrested and taken into Police custody. Jishnu’s mother Mahija and relativeswere injured in this incident and were taken to Peroorkada Hospital.

In this incident UDF led Congress party has called for a state wide hartal on 6-4-2017. On 6-4-2017, a hartal has been called by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party in Kerala against Police officers who attacked parents of Jishnu Pranoy of Pambady Nehru College. Hartal was called for seeking justice to parents of Jishnu Pranoy. Reason of this Motor vehicle strike (hartal) is against attack by Police on parents of Jishnu Pranoy and his sister Arya.

This incident is a shocking one and BJP, Congress will use this politically against LDF party which is governing Kerala state. Hartal has been called by BJP at Trivandrum and Valayam in Kozhikode. While Congress party (UDF) called fr a state wide hartal in Kerala except in Malappuram where elections are coming.

All latest news updates on Kerala hartal will be updated. Is there any problems related to hartal happening today. What is condition of hartal in Kerala with latest news photos, videos will be updated.

Kerala Hartal News 6 April 2017

UDF Hartal will be in all districts of Kerala except Malappuram on 6-4-2017. BJP Hartal will start from morning 6.00 am to evening 6.00 pm on Thursday, 6 April 2017 (6-4-17) at Trivandrum and Valayam in Kozhikode (Calicut). Whle Kerala is criticizing against how can Police be so brutal against a mother who has lost her son. Jishnu Pranoy’s mother Mahija was arrested and taken away from Police Office at Trivandrum in a very cruel way.

VS Achuthanandan protested against this by asking why was such an arrest made when By Elections is coming at Malappuram. He asked whether this was a move to bring bad image on LDF government at this time.

Cruelty against Jishnu Pranoy’s mother Mahija

Asianet News Video – Jishnu Mother Arrested at Trivandrum by Police

Manorama News – Police attack on Jishnu Mother

Hartal Time, Date – Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hartal will begin from 6.00 am on 6-4-2017 and will continue for 12 hours till 6 pm. Usual services exempted from Hartal, Bandh are Milk distribution, Marriage, Medical services.etc.

  • BJP Hartal at Trivandrum, Valayam in Kozhikode.
  • UDF Hartal allover Kerala except Malappuram.
kerala hartal news hartal in kerala

Jishnu Parents attacked by police issue 6-4-2017

Most exams in schools, colleges, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala University, PSC exams, interviews.etc.  scheduled to be conducted on Kerala hartal dates will be postponed. Information regarding postponing of exams, classes .etc has to be confirmed by everyone with their respected areas.

We cannot guarantee or take responsibility regarding any dates and whether it will be postponed unless official declaration is received.

Old News – 30-3-2017 Kerala Motor vehicle strike

Motor vehicle strike in Kerala began from night of 30th March 2017. From 12.00 am on Friday, 31st march 2017 whole Kerala will come to a halt for next 24 hours. This strike will continue till 11.59 pm on 31-3-17. Employees unions like CITU, AITUC, INTUC, UTUC, STU, HMS, KTUC will be participating in this strike. Motor vehicles like Jeep, Lorry, Bus, Trucker, Tempo, Auto rickshaw, Taxi services .etc. will participate in this strike called for 24 hours on 31-3-2017.

Insurance premium hike has been made by BJP led Central Government. This is why Trade Union BMS who is a part of BJP will not be participating in it. Reason for Motor vehicle strike is due to decision of Government to increase Third party Insurance premium of Motor Vehicles by 50 percentage. Such a move will affect Taxi services, Private buses .etc. who will to pay a bigger amount as Insurance premium. This is why most motor vehicle unions are participating against this decision by Government.

Regulatory and Development Authority has recommended Government to increase Third party insurance premiums of motor vehicles from 2017-18 financial year.

3rd party insurance premium is mandatory for all vehicles which are operating for commercial transportation with passengers.