Kerala Election Trolls 2016 Malayalam Dialogues Niyamasabha Polls

Trolls make use of all chances to make fun of others or get attention of people. It is used for criticizing purposes also and more used in social – political situations. With the Niyamasabha polls the Kerala Election Trolls 2016 has become viral allover the social media. So what makes trolls very important in Kerala in politics. So what are the new funny Malayalam dialogues that are released as part of the Kerala Election trolls 2016 in Kerala Niyamasabha. We are bringing you the selected dialogue comments in malayalam which were viral during Legislative assembly elections in Kerala state. Celebrities who went to cast votes started putting their photos in Facebook.

Politics is one of the biggest area where trolls can be used. Now politicians are using help of trolls to fight against other political rivals. Now few apps have been created to make it easy for preparation of malayalam trolls. Actors like Dulquer Salmaan were trolled when they posted photo of their finger in voting ink. Trolls bring attention to many social injustices in our country. Now trolls are being watched by Politicians and Celebrities. Trends of society is now seen in buzz created by them. Trolls that became popular during Loksabha and Niyamasabha elections in Kerala is still popular. Comedy element involved in political trolls of Kerala is it’s main highlight.

Trolling is considered to be latest style of criticizing a person to gather support of general public towards them or against them in society. Politicians like EP Jayarajan, KM Mani, K Sudhakaran, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan were victims of trolls. Simple mistakes done by politicians during press meets .etc. is discussed by society with high priority when trolls regarding it is shared. Through funny comedy discussions now Kerala politics is an important fact where social injustice is discussed.

Latest politicians from Kerala who were trolled are Vydyuthi Minister (Minister for Power) MM Mani, former Kerala sports minister E P Jayarajan who committed mistakes when talking to media and public. Troller’s took  these opportunities to create funny dialogue photo comments against them.

Facebook has lot of Troll groups, fan pages which release funny trolls related to latest developments in society. This is aimed to create awareness among minds of everyone towards injustice or about a significant problem.

In last years Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan was trolled most by people due to his mistakes in malayalam language while making speeches.

MM Mani Trolls

Kerala Minister for Power MM Mani was filled with trolls when he made a mistake in speech in Arts to be related to that of Sports. This was trolled by everyone and this has been viral for few weeks in Kerala.

MM Mani Troll

EP jayarajan Troll

Kerala former Sports minister EP Jayarajan troll became popular when he made a remark regarding world famous boxer Muhammadali.

EP jayarajan Troll

Kerala Election Trolls 2016 Funny Photos

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Malayalam trolls have been always shared by people in Whatsapp, Facebook. This time during elections at Kerala in 2016 troller’s have come up with lot of funny photo comments. Movie dialogues, politicians, actors, actress .etc. became part of trolls.

Malayalam trolls are also made to appreciate or congratulate popular personalities regarding a specific matter. So there are lot of benefits in case of trolls and people of Kerala consider it funny and interesting to read and share it with friends.