Actor Biju Menon accident news Malayalam actress Samyuktha Varma husband

Malayalam Actor Biju Menon accident news is viral in social media. Lot of stories regarding this accident that happened to Biju Menon was made by online sites.

This made Malayalam actor Biju Menon make a Facebook post giving clarification to this incident. Accident happened in Vattappara National Highway in Malappuram Valanchery. A car that was traveling from Kozhikode to Thrissur collided with Biju Menon’s car. Other car had caused this accident and it collided with another car too.There were severe damages for car in which Biju Menon was traveling. Luckily all people inside were safe and had only minor injury.

Biju Menon accident news shocked all his friends who liked him. Everyone wanted to know reality behind this incident and whether it is a fake news or not. News regarding actor Biju Menon accident is a true one and not a cooked up one. On Wednesday 30 August 2017 Malayalam actor Biju Menon confirmed that his car met with an accident. It happened on Tuesday, 29th August 2017 when he was returning from a shooting location.

This accident happened on 29-8-2017 at night near Vattappara National Highway at Valanchery in Malappuram district. Soon Police rushed to this spot and removed all vehicles involved in accident.

When actor Biju Menon accident happened first enquiry of police was regarding whether anyone else had knowingly created this to cause harm to actor. In this same route a car accident happened to actor Jagathy Sreekumar in which he is still in treatment. Also there had been reports that Biju Menon and his wife, Samyuktha Varma used to support Manju Warrier. Police enquiry was regarding  this car accident has any connection to actress attack case.

What are the details of accident that happened to actress Samyuktha Varma’s husband Biju Menon. After news of Biju Menon accident came out he started getting huge number of on phone calls asking whether he is ok or not.

FB post on Biju Menon accident

Actor Biju Menon Facebook a post regarding his car accident had become viral. He wrote this FB post to prevent any confusion regarding this accident or any fake stories that will be shared in WhatsApp. Usually when accents like this happen fake WhatsApp messages get shared with incorrect information.

Biju Menon accident

Fans of Biju Menon all around world were concerned about him after they heard about this news. This made actor Biju Menon decide to make a public post in FB to inform everyone regarding this incident.

Immediately after Biju Menon posted about this incident in Facebook, he started getting lot of responses from fans regarding it.