Kavya Madhavan pregnant news Kerala actress കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി

Dileep’s new restaurant outlet ‘Dhe Puttu’ is opened at Karama in Dubai from 30-1-2017. Kavya Madhavan pregnant news is coming out and this is reason why Dileep did not take her to Dubai for inauguration of his new Dhe Puttu outlet. It has been one year since Dileep and Kavya Madhavan got married.

Everyone was expecting that both of them will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in Dubai. But in this trip Dileep is not taking his wife Kavya Madhavan wit him. What could be reason for it. Dileep went to inauguration of his Dhe Puttu outlet on 30 November 2017 and this shop inauguration wasdone by his mother.

Kerala film actor Dileep’s wife and actress Kavya Madhavan pregnant news is becoming viral. Is Malayalam celebrity Kavya Madhavan really expecting a baby or not is not at all confirmed. So where is this news coming up regarding actress Kavya Madhavan being pregnant for 4 months. Dileep who was arrested in Malayalam actress attack case has got bail now.

Malayalam news reports in social media and online news portals is that Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan pregnant at present “കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി”. Is this just a gossip or real news. Recently an online media reported that Kavya’s family sources had informed that she is pregnant now. But later it was said to be a fake news.

Kavya Madhavan pregnant news – കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി

Kavya Madhaava may be pregnant and this could be reason why she did not accompany Dileep to Karama in Dubai for inaugurating his new shop.

Kavya Madhavan pregnant

Few days back actress Kavya Madhavan was questioned by Police. She had informed that she cannot come to Aluva Police club for getting questioned. Based on her request, police came o Kavya Madhavan’s home in Aluva and questioned her. As per latest news, Police is not satisfied with replies made by actress Kavya Madhavan.

This increases chances of second questioning of Kavya Madhavan and her mother Shyamala Madhavan. Singer Rimi Tomy was questioned by police over phone regarding her phone calls with Dileep, Kavya Madhavan on the day of attack of actress. There are gossips that actress Namitha  Pramod may also get questioned in this case for more information.

Rumors are going on that actress Kavya Madhavan pregnant for four months at present.

Police are trying to collect all information regarding Kavya Madhavan’s connection to Pulsar Suni. Recently a news came that Sunil kumar was driver of Kavya Madhavan for two months.

Actress Kavya Madhavan second marriage with Dileep was held on 26 November 2017. Now after 8 months actor Dileep is in jail for being part of a conspiracy case in actress attack incident. After marriage actor Dileep and his wife Kavya Madhvan went on a honeymoon trip to Dubai.

Dileep, Kavya Madhvan went on another tour as part of Dileep show 2017 to Canada and America with Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi. In this tour Director Nadirshah, singer Rimi Tomy, actress Namitha Pramod .etc. accompanied them.