Kavya Madhavan pregnant news Kerala actress കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി

Kavya Madhavan has become pregnant at last and this is a confirmed news. In September 2018 actress Kavya Madhavan who is wife of Dileep conducted a baby shower party. Kavya Madhavan pregnant news is coming and everyone is waiting for her delivery news. Will it be a baby boy or girl for Dileep in his second marriage.

Dileep already has a daughter Meenakshi so they will be expecting a baby boy. Within few weeks we can know when Kavya Madhavan gives birth to her first child.

Kerala film actor Dileep’s wife and actress Kavya Madhavan pregnant news is becoming viral. Malayalam celebrity Kavya Madhavan is really expecting a baby and Dileep is really thrilled on becoming a father for second time. So where is this news coming up regarding actress Kavya Madhavan being pregnant for 7 months.

Malayalam news reports in social media and online news portals is that Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan pregnant at present “കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി”. This is not at all a gossip or fake news because Kavya Madhavan’s baby shower party photos are already viral.

Kavya Madhavan pregnant news – കാവ്യ മാധവന്‍ ഗര്‍ഭിണി

Kavya Madhaava may be pregnant and this could be reason why she did not accompany Dileep to Karama in Dubai for inaugurating his new shop.

Kavya Madhavan Baby shower photos


Old Photos of actress Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan pregnant

Police are trying to collect all information regarding Kavya Madhavan’s connection to Pulsar Suni. Recently a news came that Sunil kumar was driver of Kavya Madhavan for two months.

Actress Kavya Madhavan second marriage with Dileep was held on 26 November 2017. Now after 8 months actor Dileep is in jail for being part of a conspiracy case in actress attack incident. After marriage actor Dileep and his wife Kavya Madhvan went on a honeymoon trip to Dubai.

Dileep, Kavya Madhvan went on another tour as part of Dileep show 2017 to Canada and America with Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi. In this tour Director Nadirshah, singer Rimi Tomy, actress Namitha Pramod .etc. accompanied them.