Kavya Madhavan Mother name photos Latest news in actress attack case

Latest news on actress attack case is coming out on Monday 10 July 2017 (10-7-2017). Actor Dileep and Nadirshah were arrested by Police in connection with conspiracy case for kidnap of actress. More details regarding arrest of actor Dileep in connection to actress attack case is being investigated. Old News – There are news reports that actress Kavya Madhavan’s mother has been requested to come to Police station at 3.00 pm on 3 July 2017. This made all people interested to know about Kavya Madhavan mother name and other details.

Usually many people are questioned in important cases to get evidences that lead to culprits or accused in a complaint. So questioning of Kavya Madhavan’s mother and other people connected to Dileep, Kavya are just a normal procedure.

News channels are coming up with stories whether Kavya Madhavan’s mother has any connections to this case or can give any important information that will lead to arrest of any people. Pulsar Sui had given an important lead that he went to Kavya Madhavan’s office ‘Laksyah.com’ at Kakkanad in Ernakulam. Based on CCTV visuals, cash transactions details Police had gathered many important evidence in this case.

Search for Memory card that will have important visuals of actress attack and molestation was also conducted. It was done when Pulsar Suni said that he had handed over Memory card to his friend who gave it to office in Kakkanad. Actor Dileep, Director Nadirshah were questioned in this case of actress attack. Dileep also filed a complaint that he was blackmailed by Sunil Kumar and his friend to take money from him. Recently an important evidence of Pulsar Suni’s presence in Georgettan’s Pooram movie was received through a selfie taken with Dileep.

Now Police is taking more information from Kavya Madhavan mother to get any valuable leads in this case. Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan mother name is Shyamala Madhavan.

Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan is second wife of actor Dileep, who earlier divorced his first wife and popular actress Manju Warrier. Actress attack case which happened in Kerala has been a shocking incident for everyone.

Actor Dileep Arrested in Aluva Sub jail 11-7-2017

Kavya Madhavan Mother Name, Photos

Mollywood actress Kavya Madhavan mother name is Shyamala Madhavan. Name of Kavya Madhavan’s father is P. Madhavan. She also has a brother named Midhun Madhavan.

Kavya Madhavan mother

Shyamala Madhavan with daughter, actress Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan Mother Shyamala Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan Family

Kavya Madhavan mother father brother photo

Father – P Madhavan

Mother Shyamala Madhavan

Brother – Midhun Madhavan

First Husband (Divorced) – Nishal Chandra (9 February 2009 to 30 May 2011)

Second Husband – Actor Dileep (25 November 2016 to Present)