Dileep’s wife Madhavan and daughter Meenakshi goes to jail to meet Dileep

Kerala actor Dileep has special visitors at Aluva sub jail who are very close to him. News regarding Kavya Madhavan Meenakshi at jail on 2/9/2017 is eagerly watched by lakhs of people in Kerala. Malayalam actor Dileep was arrested on 10th July 2017.

On Saturday 2nd September 2017 Malayalam actress, wife of actor Dileep Kavya Madhavan and his daughter Meenakshi Dileep came to jail to see him after around 2 months after his arrest.

From date of arrest of actor Dileep, all television channels where waiting to take visuals of his second wife Kavya Madhavan’s visit to see her husband at jail. There were reports that Kavya Madhavan and Meenakshi Dileep used to talk to Dileep by phone from jail.

Actor Dileep who was arrested in connection with the actress attack case was trying to get bail for past two months. Dileep tried to give bail applications saying that he was innocent in this case and Pulsar Suni is trying to frame him into this case. High Court rejected bail applications of actor Dileep because all evidences were against him.

Dileep wife Kavya Madhavan and daughter Meenakshi Dileep expected that deliver will get bail point but when his bail application server rejected they were disappointed. Actor Dileep got married with Kavya Madhavan in November 2016 and in September 2017 he was about to celebrate his first Onam after marriage with Kavya Madhavan. All their dreams were proved to be in vain when he got arrested in actress attack case.

Reason of visit of Kavya Madhavan Meenakshi at jail

When news regarding actress Kavya Madhavan Meenakshi at jail was given out by TV channels everyone was astonished. Malayalam actress Kavya and Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi went to jail on Saturday 2nd September 2017 to see Dileep. They visited Aluva sub jail by evening 4.30 pm and it was to see Dileep just before Onam days. They also spend around 20 minutes with actor in the jail.

Aluva magistrate court gave permission to actor Dileep to attend anniversary of his father held on 6th September 2017. Visit of Kavya Madhavan Meenakshi at jail coincided with this order to which deliver will be able to come out of jail to attend this function.

Few days back Pulsar Suni had revealed that actress Kavya Madhavan is his Madam in actress attack case. Journalists asked about it to actress Kavya Madhavan when she came to jail to visit Dileep. She did not reply anything to these questions of journalists.

Meenaksi dileep

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Director Nadirshah who is close friend of actor Dileep also came to Aluva sub jail to see him. Along with Kavya Madhavan Meenakshi at jail, actress Kavya Madhavan’s father also came.

To say exactly it has been 55 days after which Dileep is seeing his wife Kavya Madhavan and daughter Meenakshi.

After Dileep arrest his mother Sarojini came to see him at Aluva sub jail. This is the first time that actress Kavya Madhavan and his daughter Meenakshi Dileep are coming to jail to meet him.