Kavya Madhavan Love Marriage No Arranged Second Wedding

On Friday, 25-11-2016, Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan got married to actor Dileep. Marriage ceremony was held as a secret one informing everyone only few hours before wedding. Like wish of actress Kavya Madhavan love marriage, it happened in her life. Kavya Madhavan love marriage news has become viral, because everyone thought that Kavya Madhavan is in a love affair. Kavya Madhavan revealed that what she meant was that if there is a second marriage in her life she would select her life partner whom she knows. In her second wedding decision she is married to actor Dileep on 25th November 2016.

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan has recently revealed in an interview to a magazine in February 2016 that she is ready for a Love marriage. Kavya Madhavan said that she will get married for the second time. This time she will opt for a love marriage instead of an arranged marriage. Kavya Madhavan first marriage was with Nishal Chandran , which was an arranged one by her parents. She had to marry a person whom she does not know and he knew her as an actress and was not able to understand the life of celebrities in film industry.

Kavya Madhavan first marriage with Nishal Chandra was in 2009 and after 2 years they got divorced in 2011. They have no children in this relation. Kavya Madhavan is a homely, simple actress from Nileshwaram village in Kasaragod district. At present she is staying at Vennala in Kochi. Kavya Madhavan wants her her second marriage to be done very carefully , because of the hangover from her first breakup. Kavya wants to love a person she meets in her life and want to know each other before getting married. The person marrying her should understand the busy life in film industry. Kavya does not want to risk her life for the second time by going for an arranged marriage.

Kavya Madhavan has all reasons to say that she will surely go for a Love marriage. Next question is , will second wedding of actress Kavya Madhahavn happen in 2016 or 2017.

Presently Kavya Madhavban is aged 31 years and on 19 September 2016 she will become 32 years old.

Kavya Madhavan love marriage

25-11-2016 is wedding date of actress Kavya Madhaan with Dileep at Vedanta hotel in Kalavoor in Kochi.

Kavya Madhavan love marriage

Number of Malayalam actress divorce happening in Kerala is increasing within past few years.

After the divorce of Kavya Madhavan there were many rumors connecting her to actor Dileep. It became strong when Dileep – Manju Warrier divorce happened in 2014 when he divorced his wife and actress Manju Warrier ending their married life of 16 years from 1998. Their daughter Meenakshi is staying with Dileep.