Kavya Madhavan brother Midhun Madhavan response Onam, Pulsar Suni

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan brother Mithun Madhavan responded against fake news that has been being posted by many online newspapers. For past few days there was news that actress Kavya Madhavan and family had celebrated Onam 2017. Actor Dileep daughter Meenakshi Dileep is at present with Kavya Madhavan. Few days back actress Kavya Madhavan, Meenakshi Dileep, Nadirshah came to Dileep at Aluva sub jail. After that many Kerala many actors started coming to see Dileep at jail in days before and after Onam.

Kavya’s brother Mithun Madhavan decided to respond against this and he informed everyone that they have not celebrated Onam this year. actress Kavya madhavans husband deliver was arrested two months back and he is still in jail. This was first Onam of actress Kavya Madhavan and her second husband Dileep. Actor Dileep was arrested in connection to a Malayalam actress attack case few months back and still he is in jail as all his bail applications were rejected by High Court.

Malayalam actor Dileep also known as Janapriya nayakan of Mollywood is now at Aluva sub jail. there was news Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan has connection Pulsar Suni who is arrested in actress attack case. Pulsar Suni had said that ‘Madam’ in this case is Kavya Madhavan and this information made online newspapers create stories based on it. Midhun Madhavan mentioned that his family is going through the hardest times of their life and they are not in a situation to celebrate Onam.

Kavya Madhavan brother Midhun Madhavan said that his sister has no connection with Pulsar Suni. Mithun Madhavan also said that fake news is coming out saying that Pulsar Suni had attended his wedding function and reception. He said that it is not true and they no connection with Pulsar Suni.

There was a news that Pulsar Suni attended this function and police had requested videos and photos of the ceremony from Mithun Madhavan. He said that this is not true and there has been no request from Police regarding this till now.

Kavya Madhavan brother Midhun Madhavan requested prayers and support from everyone and said that last win in this case will be for truth and justice. He started his Facebook post by saying that He hopes everyone had a wonderful time this year celebrating Onam and mentioned that his family did not celebrate Onam as his sister’s husband Dileep is in jail.

Kavya Madhavan brother Midhun Madhavan Response

Kavya’s brother Midhun Madhavan made this Facebook post on Tuesday, 5th September 2017.

Kavya Madhavan brother

Kavya Madhavan Brother Mithun Madhavan wedding was with Ria in year 2014.

Wedding reception of Kavya’s brother Mithun

Mithun Madhavan also said that Laksyah.com office or any staff there has any connection with Pulsar Suni. He mentioned that many conspiracies are being done to target her and they will overcome it soon.