Kavya Madhavan arrested news Malayalam actress wife of actor Dileep latest news

Nadirshah has  been taken into custody by Police for questioning in this case on 10 September 2017. In connection to Malayalam actress attack case there are reports that actor Dileep wife Kavya Madhavan will also get arrested. Actress Kavya Madhavan arrested news is getting popular ever day as investigation proceeds. For past 2 months Dileep is in jail after he was taken into custody for interrogation in this case. Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan was questioned earlier in this case. Based on latest developments in this case Kavya Madhavan may get questioned again for getting more clarification.

What will be charges against actress Kavya Madhavan if she gets arrested. As per reports Kavya Madhavan will have charges for supporting Dileep in destroying evidences in actress attack case. Polics had been searching for mobile phone that was used by Pulsar Suni for recording videos of actress who was attacked.

Even if actress Kavya Madhavan is arrested by police she will get bail from boy station itself as she is not considered as main culprit in this case. Presently attention of media is with director Nadirsha who is close friend of actor Dileep. In order to prevent getting arrested, director Nadirshah had got himself admitted in a private hospital at Kochi. As per possible reports on actress Kavya Madhavan arrest news we can expect Kavya to be questioned by police any minute.

On Sunday 10th October 2017 Police took discharge of director nadirsha from hospital and took him away for questioning. Based on interrogation of Nadirshah, Police may decide to arrest him or not.

Police is doing a faster investigation as DGP Loknath Behera had director officers to complete investigation by October 2017 and start trial procedure in court. Police investigation has gone towards Kavya Madhavan after Pulsar Suni revealed that she is ‘Madam’ in this case. Pulsar Suni mentioned that he called Kavya Madhavan while actress was being attacked in vehicle.

Kavya Madhavan arrested news

As investigation in this case is going further everyone is eager to know whether actor Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan and Dileep’s close friend Nadirshah will get arrested or not.

Till now Kavya Madhava is not arrested. She will be surely questioned for second time by Police.

From beginning of case is there was lot of suspicions against another and Kavya Madhavan who are suspected to have been involved in this case. Nadirshah is a close friend of actor Dileep and this makes him a person who knows all secrets of Dileep. This is why Police were after Nadirshah and wanted to get all evidences in this case from him.

Involvement of actress Kavya Madhavan in connection to actress attack case is now being investigated by Police. As police investigation is going to be completed in October 2017 as per direction of DGP Loknath Behra, we can expect all mysteries in this case to be revealed soon.