Karnataka Floor test live results Congress BJP JD(S) mla votes score 2018

Karnataka assembly elections in 2018 has seen lot of rare incidents in elections happening at India. This was what was seen at Karnataka Floor test live results as BJP was asked to show it’s support in Assembly. What is score of trust vote in Karnataka Legislative Assembly election 2018 is being inquired by all people of India. Congress – JD(S) will be ruling Karnataka from May 2018 to 2023.

Congress and JD(S) joint party will rule Karnataka government from May 2018. BJP who had won just 104 votes score tried to do swearing in ceremony. This Karnataka state government under BJP which had just less than 24 hours of life had to resign from this position.

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa resigned on Saturday, 19 May 2018. This marks an end to 5 days of political drama of BJP in Karnataka state. The move made by Supreme Court of India to ask for BJP to prove to it’s score through trust vote at 4 pm on 19-5-2018 resulted in this resignation of Bharatiya Janata Party’s BS Yeddyurappa.

BJP party won 104 seats at Karnataka while Congress won only 78 seats. India was waiting for Karnataka Floor test live results score 2018 as BJP  had claimed that they will show majority in trust vote. Congress party under leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi made a good move by protecting MLA’s of Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) from being taken away by BJP.

Karnataka assembly Floor test live results

There were lot of allegations that BJP is going to do horse trading in Karnataka by purchasing MLA’s of Congress and JD(S). This was main reason why Congress took strict steps to prevent their MLA’s being taken away by BJP during trust vote. BJP was not able to accept challenge o proving rust votes in Karnataka Legislative Assembly election 2018 and BS Yeddyurappa resigned.

Karnataka Floor test live results

BJP Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa made a long speech saying that he will always be supporting farmers of Karnataka. He also said that if BJP had won in few more seats they would have been able to rule in Karnataka without any difficulties.

  • BJP – 104 seats
  • Congress 78 seats
  • JD (S) – 38 seats
  • Others – 2 seats

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Congress and JD(S) together has score of 116 seats and Bharatiya Janata Party understood that they will not be able to get support fo any more MLA’s from other parties. This was BJP decided to avoid trust votes in Karnataka Legislative Assembly election 2018 and resign from their position.

Without conducting trust votes the Karnataka Floor test live results on 19/5/2018 was in favour of Congress and JD(S) who will eb setting up a State government in Karnataka.