South Actress Kaniha Divorce News Real or Fake – Kanika Family Problems True ?

Kaniha Divorce news was found to be just a rumor. This was cleared when Kaniha came forward to say that all such gossips was nuisance. Kaniha said that she is in deep love with her husband Syma Radhakrishnan like before.

Pazhassi Raja fame Kaniha is popular to South Indian audience. Malayalam, Tamil actress Kaniha divorce news has come out recently. Everyone wanted to know what is reality regarding divore of Kanika from husband. Is it just a gossip or real thing. Recently we heard about divorce news of Malayalam actresses like Divya Unni, Amala Paul. Now a Tamil website has reported  that actress Kaniha (Kanika) is trying to get divorce. Kaniha is one of the South Indian actresses who has been living happily with family. She always used to say greatest support for her is from husband. She was not acting in movies after marriage.

Later after he son grew up , she came act to acting. Face of Kaniha was seen in movies, Television shows .etc. Name of Kaniha’s Husband is Syam Radhakrishnan. He is a Software Engineer working at America. Kaniha – Syam marriage was in 2008. Now after 8 years in 2016 a new broke out claiming that Kaniha wants divorce. So South Indian fans want to know what is happening. Anyway such break ups are getting common in life of Indian actresses. We should not indulge in personal matters of celebrities, because they too have their own emotions, feelings. Kanika is a well known actress in Kerala whose real name is Divya Venkatasubramaniam. Best movies of Kaniha are in Mollywood such as Bhagyadevatha, Pazhassi Raja, Christian Brothers .etc.

She is known by names Kaniha / Kanika. Happily actress Kaniha divorce news is just a gossip.

Kaniha asked her fans not to share fake news regarding her getting divorced. She is living happily with her husband, son. Both of them are still having same amount of love like they had 9 years before on wedding.

Recently in an interview she said about gossips that were following her. First one was when she got dressed in a bikini at beach with her friends. Kaniha made a bold reply by asking whether, during going to a beach will anyone wear saree and blouse.

Later short dress used by Kanika when she went to Thailand also became controversial. Now gossip makers are saying that Kanikha and hsband will get separated.

Actress Kaniha Divorce – News

On 19 August 2016, Kaniha wrote in her Official FB status update as follows after hearing news about ‘Kaniha Divorce’ – To all those people trolling online saying I am splitting with my husband and crap like that:  “We’re still crazy in love just like we were 8 years back..we are one happy family with an adorable 5 year old son ..” I request yall to stop it right there..I am someone who believes in love..yes I am in love with my husband Shyam…”  Have a lovely weekend guys!!.

She also added few latest photos showing that they are together.



Kaniha Divorce

Official Facebook profile page of Kaniha is

Other Malayalam cinemas of actress Kaniha are Drona, Rudra Simhasanam, Bavuttiyude Namathil, My Big Father .etc.

Popularity of Kaniha is also in Tamil movies debuting with Five Star.

Later she acted in tamil films like Autograph, O Kadhal Kanmani.

Her Telugu film is Ottesi Chepputunna.

Kaniha Family Details

  • Kaniha’s Husband is Syam Radhakrishnan.
  • Kaniha’s son is Sai Rishi who is aged 5 years old.

Everyone who knew about Kaniha divorce news is hoping that it is not real. Let’s pray that celebrity divorces in South India gets reduced. Yes, Kaniha is not going to divorce.