kabali movie review tamil telugu hindi FDFS response movie leaked news

News that Kabali print got leaked online is the latest gossip about this movie. Kabali movie review from First day first shows were impressive. Rajinikanth starring Kabali tamil telugu hindi versions are coming for theatrical release Worldwide on Friday, 22-7-2016. Booking of tickets for Kabaali movie has started 5 days before the actual release.

Advance Ticket Booking of Kabaali continues for several days after the initial release date. Producers of Kabali are trying all ways to make sure that this movie will become a Blockbuster in Box office collection. Kabali is expected to break all collection records. Piracy is the biggest problem for all movies released in India at big budgets. A movie like Kabali can be enjoyed only at big screen in theaters with superior sound , visual effects. Watching Kabaali movie in pirated Video cds or online downloads should be discouraged. There is also court order against internet release of Kabaali movie.

Kabali Tamil Telugu Hindi release will make it one of the most watched films of Rajinikanth. This film is released in other countries in regional languages, subtitles.etc. Earlier clear prints of censor board copies of many Indian movies have leaked. True Rajinikanth fans will enjoy this movie only at cinema theaters. Best anti-piracy fan made dialogue for Kabali is “Tried downloading Kabali. µTorrent uninstalled itself. System got formatted. Wi-Fi router crashed. Nearby Airtel tower vanished.” Kabali will be surely one of the best movies of Rajinikanth in his film career. Role of Kabaleeshwaran will be another golden feather for him. Kabali movie review rating 4 out of 5 points. Everyone wants to know the review rating of Kabali movie. Kabali cannot be compared to his earlier films like Baasha, Padaiyappa, Sivaji. Even critics reviewers said that Kabali is better than Lingaa film.

Kabali is an overall emotional film which falls short of huge expectations. Flashback portions may feel little lagging for certain audience. Eventhough there are lot of critics for this movie, the best part is that Kabali has a good story.

Way of showing each stunt scene as realistic has added value to powerful character Kabali played by Rajinikanth. There is nothing wrong with Kabali as said by critics, other than some songs. Song Direction should have been more importance. Action scenes are sufficient for this Kabaali. Co-actors in the film are also good.Kabali songs were not that impressive. Neruppu Daa was the only one that has at least a little hype. Director should have given more importance to songs to get superb ones like Sivaji, Enthiran .etc. News that Dark Web has posted download links of Kabali movie has been viral. Few days back Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu has taken an injunction order from Madras High Court preventing online release by 169 websites. In a place like Internet new sites appear every second, so Kabaali will find a difficult time fighting piracy.

Kabali dark web release will cause little trouble to it’s collection. It wont be severe because Super star films can survive it through Worldwide release collection. Producers have already filed legal complaints with request to immediately pull off Kabali cinema from download sites.

Kabali Movie Review

Kabali movie review

First day first show of Kabali movie was watched by fans in India, abroad. Lot of celebrities also took opportunity to watch Rajinikanth starring movie Kabali.

Audience response regarding Kabali film was mixed. As said earlier by Rajinikanth himself this is Director Ranjith film who has made everything realistic.

In earlier films Rajinikanth was showcased as an actor with super powers. Through Kabali movie Director Ranjith has successfully showed the true actor in Rajinikanth. A realistic movie will surely have lesser action stunts, punch dialogues.

If you go to theaters expecting a Mass Entertainer film , you may get disappointed. Kabali is a Class movie which a good story, direction which is a present to real movie lovers.

First half an hour of the movie is interesting at a fast pace. Then the story gets slow lagging as early life of Kabaleeswaran is shown. With second half it gets better and ends up in a realistic climax. Director Ranjith has asked opinion of Rajinikanth about whether to re-shoot the climax again.

Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya was also of opinion that climax should entertain fans. After watching premiere show Rajinikanth said that Director is real Captain whose ideas should not be changed. After watching this film opinion of movie lovers was this was an incredible cinema showing Rajinikanth as true actor.

Hindi actress Radhika Apte performance in this film as heroine of Kabaleeswaran was great.

Kabali movie tamil songs are Ulagam Oruvanukka, Maya Nadhi, Veera Thurandhara, Vaanam Paarthen, Neruppu Da.

Actress Riythvika, Dhansika have been brilliant performance wise.

Back Ground Music (BGM) of Kabali is more impressive.

Performance of actress Dhansika stands in line with Style Mannan Rajinikanth.

Japanese fans were very thrilled about Kabali movie release. They consider him to be the next popular after Jackie Chan.

Second Part of Kabali – Kabali 2

Shooting of Kabali 2 is expected to start soon. Director Pa. Ranjith had said in an interview that second part of Kabali will be made if first part is succesfull. Box office collections, First day reviews show that Kabali has come out well.

So it adds confidence to Director Pa.Ranjith to come up with Kabali 2 very soon. What will be the next adventure of character Kabaleeshwaran as gangster in coming episode.  Kabaali’s fight will be definitely be against evil.

Audience will look forward to see more actions from characters of Dhansika, Rajinikanth. Kabali 2 we are waiting for you.

Kabali Photo Gallery – Hero, Heroine

Dhansika was another notable actress who amazed audience with her action looks. Dhansika role was more liked than Radhika Apte.

Both of them had their own performances, but Dhansika looks in short hair with boyish looks was hit. Dhansika earlier acted in movies like Peranmai, Aravaan, Paradesi.

Kabali News

Air Asia Flights Issue – 160 passengers paid Rs.8000 to watch First Day First Show of Kabali at Satyam theatre in Chennai. But they were taken to Prasad Studio in Vadapalani, Chennai. As far as Box office collections are concerned, Kabali movie has already been in Top 1 position.

Kabali Movie Cast

  1. Hero – Kabali / Kabaleeshwaran role is done by actor Rajinikanth in Title role.
  2. Heroine – Kumudhavalli character role is done by Hindi actress Radhika Apte.

Other important cast of Kabali are,

  • Winston Chao
  • Dhansika
  • Rosyam Nor
  • Dinesh Ravi
  • John Vijay
  • Riythvika
  • Kishore
  • Kalaiyarasan

Pa. Ranjith is Director of Kabaali. Release date of Kabali is 22-7-2016. Duraton of movie is 152 minutes (2 hours 32 minutes)

Rajinikanth’s Kabali tamil telugu hindi dubbed versions

Kabali audio songs with lyrics have been released mainly in 4 languages including telugu, tamil, hindi, malay (language in Malaysia, Singapore) .etc.. Video songs have not yet been released, to keep up the suspense of the movie.

Fans are eagerly awaiting to watch Kabaali movie on First day itself. There are lakhs of people who have already booked tickets to watch FDFS (First Day First Show) of Kabali film.