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Jisha’s mother Rajeswari said that all criticisms against her are fake. She said that wearing a good saree is not a luxury life and she does no even know how much money is in her bank accounts. Rajeswari said that she is working a ahome nurse and earning money for her needs. Rajeswari also said that she has not gone to a beauty parlor till now. Jisha case was controversial one few months back and investigation in thi case ended with arrest of Ameerul Islam. Rajeshwari is mother of Jisha case victim from Perumbavoor in Kerala. People of Kerala are discussing about Jisha mother makeover which is unbelievable for everyone.

As per latest news Jisha’s sister informed that these pictures have been taken long before. This was taken when Rajeshwari went to hear about Jisha’s case verdict. According to Jisha’s sister Rajeshwati went away from house 40 days before. Now Rajesjwari is at Medicine ward in Kalamserry Medical college. Photos that are circulating now were taken long before and it’s not true that Jisha’s mother is leading a luxury life.

When Jisha case happened everyone’s eyes were on poor Jisha’s mother and sister at Perumbavoor. They did not have a strong house to live and this was shown as main reason why Jisha was attacked easily. A culprit had got into house of Jisha which did not have any strong doors or windows. This news made Kerala government and many people decide to collect money and build a house for Jisha’s mother and sister.

When Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari was asked about her recent luxury living she said that she is not doing any wrong. She said that her old dresses kept in house were sealed by Police in old house. This was why she had to buy new saree and dresses.

Rajeshwari said that she has bank accounts in SBT and Urban bank from which she is able to withdraw cash only based on permission from authorities. It’s because this was a joint account in name of Rajeshwari and Dsitrict collector Rajamanikyam. Jisha’s mother waved off all criticisms against her saying that it was not true.

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Jisha mother makeover new look

Fake news against Rajeshwari

Criticisms were that Lakhs of money came into bank account which was started to help Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari. After few months of Jisha case investigation there was nees that there was a sudden change in way of living by Rajeshwari. New appearance of Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari was criticized by most people.

These pictures getting viral at present are old ones and are not taken recently. Jisha’ sister said that Rajesjwari is not leading a luxury life. Getting hair straightened from beauty parlor does not mean that it’s a luxury life. And Rajeswari said that she has not ever gone to a beauty parlor and these are just fake allegations.

Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari also informed that she will file case with Police against people who made fake news against her.