Jio 4g phone price specs call tariffs data plans of new reliance Jio phone

Reliance’s Ambani officially launched Jio mobile phone in July 2017. Bookings for per-ordering of Jio 4G phones will start from 24th August 2017. Actual delivery of 4G mobile phones will start from September 2017. What is Jio 4g phone price in India. Reliance is not offering a 4G phone for any price or cost. It is actually a complete Free offer from Reliance company. Rs.1500 which is collected as Jio 4g phone price is actually a security deposit only.

Reliance company will refund this amount to customer after 3 years, when phone is handed over back to company. So what is actually logic behind giving away a free phone to millions of customers in India. Winning a huge customer base immediately for coming 3 years is main motive of Jio 4G phone offer. All people who take Jio 4G phone will continue using this service by buying 4G data plans, voice calls, prepaid recharges, post paid plans of Jio for 3 years. And Reliance Jio is getting Rs.1500 as security deposit for free millions of people for coming 3 years which they can use for funding other businesses or widening their business activities.

Jio 4G Phone launch is actually going to help Reliance company in hundreds of ways. With launch of Jio 4G sim, Prime membership the company was able to take a huge portion of mobile customers into their pocket. With release of a Jio 4 phone at low cost with free data offers, free voice calls the actual beneficiary will be Reliance company.  Customer base of Jio 4G users will double or triple causing a huge impact on other mobile service providers. Airtel, Idea, BNSL, Vodafone will find it difficult to survive in competition of Jio 4G offers.

Initially everyone who is satisfied with Jio 4G data offer of 1GB daily will buy this phone or ask their friends or relatives to purchase it. Official launch of Jio 4g phone was done in July 2017.

There are many attractive features and specifications that makes buying Jio 4g mobile phones an important thing for every Indian.

Jio 4g phone Price , Specs .etc.

This is a 4G LTE phone which has 2.4 inch display screen and a resolution of 240 px by 320 px. Only one Reliance Jio SIM can be used in a Jio Phone and no other company’s SIM will work in this phone. This secures a customer for 3 years for Reliance company and meanwhile all other mobile service providers will be severely affected by Jio’s competition.

What is Jio 4g phone price in India as on 2017 ?

Jio 4G phone launched by Reliance is at a price of Rs.0. As a security deposit Rs.1500 is collected at time of pre-order or online booking, which will be refunded after 3 years. So this makes actual cost of a Jio 4G phone to be zero.

Booking starting date for Jio 4G phones

Every one is eagerly interested in knowing about pre order booking starting date for Jio 4G phones. Online and offline registration of bookings for Jio 4G phones will be offered by company.

From 24th August 2017 (24/8/2017) pre order booking registrations for Jio 4G Phones will start in India.

Jio 4g phone call tariffs, data plans

What are interesting 4G Data plans offers given in Reliance Jio 4G mobile phones.

  • Data Plans

Monthly Plans from Rs 24 to Rs 153 – Unlimited daily data with a capping limit of 500 MB or Half GB per day. But this unlimited data has a catch, and the daily Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit is 500 MB or half a GB of data.

  1. Rs.24 plan – Validity 2 days
  2. Rs.54 plan – Validity 1 week
  3. Rs.153 plan – Validity 28 days
  • Voice Calls

Unlimited voice plans or calls on recharging a data plan or post paid plan in Jio 4G phone.

Jio 4g phone price specs call tariffs data plans

How and Where to Book Jio 4G Phone

Booking of Jio 4G phones can be done by gong to Reliance Jio stores or retailer shops that are in various locations around India.

Reliance has offered a page in their website to keep every user updated about booking start date for Jio 4G phone.

There will be huge rush of customers to Jio official website on 24-8-2017. Those who have registered their email address and mobile phone number with Jio website will get notifications regarding bookings start date and where to do it.

Official pre-bookings opening date is from 24 August 2017. Actual delivery of reliance Jio’s 4 G phones will start from September 2017. More details regarding it will be informed to all customers by Jio stores or through messages to registered numbers for notification.

How to Book JIO Phone – Tutorial

Jio 4G Phone Specs Review

Features of Jio 4g phone

  • 2.4 inch display screen
  • Resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels
  • Single SIM
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Headphones
  • FM usage without connecting headphones

Can existing Jio 4G users use new 4G phone without changing number ?

Lakhs of customers have purchased Jio 4G SIM already. They are eager to buy new Jio 4G phones and thinking on what to use with their existing Jio phone connection. There is no need to worry about it. All existing Jio 4G users can use this SIM in new Jio 4G Phone. They will have to subscribe to a new data plan of Rs.153. But they will not be able to use any high value data plans of Jio 4G with it.