Jio 4g phone booking online Jio 1500 phone registration features review

Jio 4G phones have been officially launched. How can we buy they new 4G phones and start enjoying data, call offers. We will explain everything about Jio 4G phone booking in India. Jio 4G will surely get millions of orders as everyone is excited about this low cost phone from Reliance Jio. Exciting feature of this phone is that Facebook can be used in it. Whatsapp usage is not at present possible, but in future updates or releases it will also be made possible.

Jio 4G phone booking can be done through online and offline pre-orders by just paying Rs.1500. Amount of One Thousand Five hundred rupees that you pay is not actually price or cost of this phone. You are just giving a security deposit for this 4G LTE phone and you will get back this amount after 3 years. Only condition to get this amount back is that you have to give back this Jio 4G phone to company.

There are lot of exciting specifications and features about Jio 4G LTE phone which makes it stand out from all others. Let us know in detail about Jio Rs.1500 phone registration in India. This new 4G phone from Reliance company is a feature phone which was launched on 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Ltd. Inauguration of this 4G phone was done by Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani.

How to do Jio 4G phone booking

Reliance JioPhone booking can be done very easily. Even though official launch of Jio 4G phone was done in July 2017, this phone is not available in open market. It will not be available through online shopping portals in beginning stage.

Jio 4G phone booking and pre order registrations will start from 24 August 2017 all over India. It will be done through Jio stores and Jio official website

Jio 4g phone booking online Jio 1500 phone registration features review

Official website to register Jio 4g phone booking

Mode of applying for Jio 4G phones is through Pre Order bookings through Reliance Jio stores and online bookings though Jio website. Reliance JioPhone 4G VoLTE feature phone booking can be done through MyJio app also.

Jio 4G VoLTE mobile phones will have Facebook installed in it. Also it will be possible to use many Jio applications like JioTV, JioMusic.

JioPhone Is Free With Refundable Deposit Rs 1500

Jio 4G phone review

Jio 4G phone is a feature phone with 2.4-inch QVGA display in it. This phone will be able to play FM Radio music without connecting a head phone in it. It has a builtin antenna which will enable playing FM Radio loudly without having to hear it in headphone. Another important feature is that it has lot of expandable memory using a SD card.

Jio 4G phone booking starts from 24th August 2017 and actual elivery of these phones will be in September 2017.

Jio 4g phones can be paired or connected with most television sets and channels can be viewed through screen mirroring feature. With arrival of Jio 4G phones it will affect Television channel provider companies too as Jio will offer many attractive packages to viewers.