Tamilnadu Jayalalitha Amma Passed on 5-12-2016 ; New TN Chief Minister Paneerselvam

As per recent recent news by Tamil media, there are allegations that Jayalalithaa actually passed before 5th December 2016. Body of Jayalalithaa was embalmed and kept like that. Four dot marks on Jayalalithaa’s face is pointed out as evidence to embalm procedure. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha passed news came out on Monday, 5-12-2016 at Apollo Hospital in Chennai following cardiac arrest on Sunday, 4th December 2016. AIADMK official tweet on 5th December 2016, midnight was Our beloved leader, The Iron Lady of India Puratchi Thalaivi Amma is no more. Jayalalithaa health condition news known only through bullettins and media was not allowed permission to enter Apollo hospital.

Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had heart attack which worsened her conditions on 4-12-16 and this powerful leader ended on 5-12-2016 at age of 68 years. She was immediately transferred to ICU critical care unit of Apollo Hospital in Chennai. Jayalalithaa got admitted for first time on 22nd September 2016. From that day she is admitted in this hospital and getting treatmemt. Presently condition of Tamilnadu CM Kayalalithaa is very serious. Jayalalithaa is a powerful politician in Tamil Nadu and leader of AIADMK Party. Reason for admitting Jayalalithaa in hospital is due to fever, dehydration. After that no information regarding CM was revealed by anyone.

Security around hospital has been increased as lot of AIADMK party supporters have gathered around this area. If Jayalalithaa passed there could be lot of problems in Tamilnadu. Lot of problems will happen in Tamil Nadu if anything happens to her. There was entry restricted to Apollo Hospital where she was under treatment. Tight security and secrecy in Jayalalitha’s treatment made everyone wonder what is really happening inside Hospital.  Petrol pumps in Chennai, Madurai and in many parts of Tamilnadu is being closed. To control people gathering near hospital, police have closed all roads leading to Apollo hospital. Authorities released real situation of Jayalalithaa health conditions and said that she had cardiac arrest on 4/13/2016. Everyone is of fear that agitations or protests may take place. Later in another news it was said that Jayalalithaa is continuing serious condition and is living under support of medical equipment’s.

Tamil Nadu State government requested Central government for sending Army , CRPF troops for protection against any possible violent agitations by Jayalalithaa supporters. After knowing about critical condition of Jayalalithaa, thousands of people are rushing towards this area making it difficult for Police to control. 900 Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel from CRPF are in stand by position to be taken to Tamilnadu at any time.

Many fake news started circulating regarding Jayalalithaa health condition. Some even said that she is in serious critical stage and a lady said that Jayalalithaa passed. An arrest was made against person who circulated this wrong news in social media.

Still doubts regarding Jayalalithaa health was not understood by her supporters and common people of Tamilnadu. At last a petition PIL was filed in Madras High Court to force TN Government to reveal about condition of Chief minister.

Court waved off this petition saying that it has no public interest and was filed for personal interest only. Meanwhile Apollo Hospital released a statement about health of Jayalalithaa, in which the said that her condition is continuing to improve.

Chief Operating Officer of Apollo hospital informed that Honouable Chief Minister is under close observation of a team of doctors.

Discussions about successor of Jayalalithaa was also discussed by media. Some mentioned that present Paneer Selvam may take charge as CM of Tamil Nadu in absence of Jayalalitha Amma.

Jayalalithaa Health Condition News from Tamilnadu

Marks of a trocar button that is placed after embalm procedure is found on face of Jayalalithaa. Tamil media released important news regarding such suspicions pointing out that Jayalalithaa actually passed before 5th December 2016.

Tamil actress Gouthami and few others have given complaint to conduct inquiry and find real reasons for Jayalalithaa Amma who passed.

Jayalalithaa embalm body

Four marks on Jayalalithaa’s face showing suspicion of embalm done


Jayalalithaa amma passed bulletin by Apollo Hospital 5-12-2016

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa passed on 5th December 2016 by night and officially confirmed by Apollo Hospital authorities too by their press release.


Jayalalitha Amma passed news came out on evening of 5-12-16. Soon Apollo hospital denies this news saying that Jayalalithaa is still alive. Apollo hospital said that tv channels are giving baseless news based on rumors.


Another news that came out was that Tamil actor Ajith who is also known as ‘Thala’ may take charge of AIADMK Party. There are talks that Jayalalitha’s will paper states that actor Ajith has to take up her place. No official confirmation regarding these matters have been released till now. Official works of Tamilnadu CM is being done by former Chief Secretary Sheela Balakrishnan who is a close aide of Amma.

Jayalalithaa is given a big position in minds of everyone similar to that of God. So reaction of common man to any news connected to Jayalalitha can be made only carefully.

Dr. Richard Beale of London Bridge Hospital in UK came to Apollo hospital to see progress of treatment. Also a 12 member team of expert doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi are in charge of Jayalalithaa’s treatment. Also about 21 nurses are assisting them. All of them are staying inside hospital  for past few days.

Names of doctors who are looking over treatment of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa are G.C. Khilnani (Professor Pulmonary Medicine), Anjan Trikha (Professor Anaesthesiology), Nitish Naik (Cardiologist).

Richard Beale letter about Jayalalitha present health condition as on 5 December 2016.


5-12-2016, 3.10 pm – Apollo hospital tweeted that “Despite our best efforts, our beloved CM remains in a grave situation.” Meanwhile Dr Richard Gayle said that condition of jaalaitha is very serious and anything can happen. Jayalalitha was recovering health when sudden heart attack happened on 4-12-16 which worsened situations leading to this critical stage.


Twitter update by Apollo hospital on 5-12-2016

jayalalithaa health news jayalalitha passed photo

Every hour there are thousands of inquiries regarding Jayalalithaa health condition. This shows how much everyone is concerned about Tamilnadu’s Chief Minister. Due to her welfare activities she is popular among people. We will try to make live updates regarding Jayalalitha health, once reliable information is available.

Apollo hospital Jayalalitha News Bulletin on 4-12-2016


Name of disease Jayalalithaa is suffering has been revealed by Apollo hospital. It’s an infectious disease in lungs and treatment plan is taken after taking into consideration her diabetes, winter bronchitis.

Jayalalithaa is given respiratory support as she is having difficulty in breathing due to infection in lungs. At present she is given antibiotics, nebulisation (medicine steam) .etc. Jayalalithaa is given medicine to decongest lungs.

In brief News Bulletin of Apollo Hospital’s CEO is quoted as follows. “Consensus of opinion of all experts is that line of treatment given to the chief minister should be continued and she would require a longer stay.”

Latest Press release on 6-10-2016 is as follows.



Press release about Jayalalithaa health on 2-10-2016

Reactions of Jayalalithaa Supporters at Tamilnadu

Prayers are being offered by All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) supporters at Temples. Special prayers, offerings are done at Tamil Nadu for Jayalalithaa’s recovery of health condition. There are reports that one person conducted suicide on knowing about Jayalalithaa’s critical condition news.

Court Demands Details of Jayalalithaa Health

A public interest litigation (PIL) was filed by K.R.Ramaswamy (Traffic Ramaswamy) at Madras High court to know about Jayalalithaa health from Tamil Nadu government. High Court said that this petition has no public interest significance and need not be revealed.

Social Media Gives Fake Jayalalithaa Passed  News

When Tamilnadu CM J.Jayalalithaa is in hospital fake news , videos are viral in Whatsapp, Facebook. These news are being shared at alarming speed and is causing problems in Tamilnadu. Recently a fake audio clip revealing to be that of a nurse at Apollo hospital was viral.Few days back a photo of a lady in ICU of a hospital was released claiing that it was of Jayalalithaa. Later it was found to be fake and was of another woman.

Ajith as New chief minister of Tamil nadu

There is a news that Tamil actor Thala Ajith will become new Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. It’s revealed that Jayalalitha has written a will giving authority of her AIADMK Party successor-ship to Ajith.

Who is Jayalalithaa – Profile of Tamilnadu’s Best Chief Minister

Full name of Jayalalitha is Jayaraman Jayalalithaa, who is at present 68 years old. She has become Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in years 1991-1996, 2001-2006, 2011-2014, 2016-present. Due to popular welfare activities to help poor people in Tamil Nadu, she is considered to Tamilnadu’s Best Chief Minister after MGR.

Tamilnadu’s Amma Jayalalithaa Detailed Profile Video

Jayalalitha as an Actress


Jayalalithaa Family, Photos

Jayalalitha’s father is Jayaram and mother is Vedvalli. She has a brother Jayakumar.

Rare Photos of Jayalalitha Jayaram, Biography

Jayalalithaa Political Career

Jayalalitha came with support of Ramachandran (MGR) who founded AIADMK party. Later she took over party when MGR’s health condition worsened. Jayalalitha became Chief Minister for first time in 1991.

Before coming to politics, Jayalalitha was a classical dancer and actress. She acted in lot of Tamil, Kannada, Telugu movies. Vennira Aadai is first Tamil movie of Jayalalitha and her first Telugu movie is Manushulu Mamathalu.

Jayalalitha movies with MGR (M G Ramachandran) were super hits and were a lucky pair.

Movies like Aayirathil Oruvan, Pattikaattu Ponnaiya are some of the most popular ones of Jayalalithaa with MGR. All schools in Tamil Nadu got 3 days holiday and public holiday is given to all government offices. Kerala Government has also declared holiday to all educational institutions on 6-12-2016.