Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha passed, funeral, Who is New Chief Minister

On 4-12-2016, Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha health condition became worse with cardiac arrest. Jayalalithaa passed on Monday, 5th December 2016 night at 11.30 pm. Body of J Jayalalitha will kept at Chennai Rajaji Hall for everyone to come and see on Tuesday, 6th December 2016. Doctors team at Apollo Hospital and AIMS Delhi tried all they could under supervision of Dr. Richard Beale in London. On Monday, 5th December 2016 condition of Jayalalithaa became even more worse. Jayalalitha passed news is expected to come out soon as everything done to save Jayalalithaa Amma was not becoming fruitful.

After heart attack (cardiac arrest) Jayalalitha’s heart and liver stopped functioning. Further treatment to rescue Jayalalitha was done with help of extracorporeal heart assist device. Prayers are being given by AIADMK supporters all over Tamilnadu. More than politics there are lakhs of real supporters who are loving Jayalalitha. Security around ApoLlo hospital was tightened from Sunday evening itself when Jayalalitha health became worse. CRPF has been deployed at various places around Tamil Nadu to avoid any kind of violent agitations.

Nearby states of Tamil Nadu like Kerala, Karnataka are on high alert to avoid any problems that may arise when Jayalalitha passed news comes out. Chief Minister Jayalalitha is presently 68 years old and she was born on 24th February 1948. Jayalalitha Amma was admitted in Apollo Hospital on 22 September 206 and was under treatment for past 75 days till 5 December 2016. Who will be new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is now being most discussed by everyone.

Paneer Selvam is the one who used to take charge of Tamil Nadu at time of absence of Jayalalithaa. He informed that he will continue as AIADMK general secretary. But soon after news of J Jayalalitha passed came out, AIADMK informed that Paneer Selvam who is present Finance Minister will become new Chief Minister of Tamionadu, Names of Tamil super stars like Rajinikanth, Ajith (Thala) were most heard as future AIADMK Party leaders after Jayalalithaa passed news.

Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha passed news

Paneer Selvam is present Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu state. Earlier when Jayalalithaa was in jail, Paneer Selvam used to take charge of Chief Minister, but took orders from Jayalalithaa.

Apollo hospital gave a press release on 5/12/2016 saying that at night 11.30 pm our Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa passed.

This medical bulletin also explained all medical procedures that were given to help save her life including CPR, ECMO Support .etc. that were given after cardiac arrest on 4-12-2016.

Jayalalithaa is Still Alive says Apollo Hospital – Apollo hospital informed at 6 pm on 5-12-2016 that Jayalalithaa is still alive. Tv channels had given wrong news that jayalalithaa passed, which is fake news. Read official statement given by Apollo hospital on Jayalalithaa matter.

Richard Beale wrote a press release letter giving statement of present health condition of Jayalalitha. There are also news reports about AIADMK Leader Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha funeral date.

More time will be given for everyone to give their last looks on this most beloved politician of India.

Police, CRPF have been deployed at all main areas in Tamil Nadu. Police officers have been given orders to be in their duty till informed.

This is considered as a precaution because condition of Jayalalithaa is really worse on 6th December evening at Apollo Hospital. Any time bad news regarding Tamil nadu Cheif Minister Jayalalithaa may come out. On 5th December night news came out that Jayalalitha Amma passed at age of 68 years in Apollo hospital Chennai.

New Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu

Paneer Selvam will become new Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Paneer Selvam used to take charge of Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in absence of Jayalalithaa Amma.

Swearing ceremony of New Chief Minister was done on 6th December 2016, early morning 1 am itself.

Now question remains as to who will be Anna DMK Party general secretary. Will it be Sasikala.

Now after news of Jayalalithaa passed came on 5-12-2016, an immediate official clarification came regarding who is new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu came on 1 am on 6-12-2016.

This statement was given to avoid any confusions of discussions about new Tamilnadu CM from December 2016. 65 years old O. Panneerselvam will become new Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

Earlier O. Panneerselvam served in position of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister in years from 2001 -2002; and 2014 – 2015. Now in his third chance he will continue as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu till next Assembly elections.