Jatayu Adventure Center Chadayamangalam Review Fees Timings Tourist Spot in Kerala

Jatayu Adventure Center Chadayamangalam in Kollam district and near Trivandrum is a great adventure picnic spot for everyone who loves adventure. Jatayu Earth’s Center is a great tourist spot in Kerala which has been opened recently in July 2017. Official opening of Jatayu Earth’s Center / Jatayu Nature Park for all tourists will be from 17 August 2017. Rajiv Anchal is creator of this amazing park.

Jatayu nature park’s greatest attraction is biggest bird sculpture made in remembrance of bird ‘Jatayu’ which is believed to have existed in historical times and mentioned in Ramayana book.

Story behind Jatayu bird is that when Ravana tried to abduct Sita devi to Lanka, it was Jatayu bird who tried to fight and rescue her. During this fight Jatayu fell on this rock at Chadayamangalam. Later when Rama and Lakshmana comes in search of Sita devi it was the huge giant bird Jatayu who tells them about this incident.

This park is now open for adventure activities only and is costly for common people. Rs.3500 is charged per person for activities at this place which keeps lot of people away from it. Will this park be open for families and others to visit at lower ticket rates is inquired by all.

May be in future it will be open for huge crowds to visit Jatayu Adventure Center Chadayamangalam.

Jatayu Adventure Center Chadayamangalam

Attractions of Jatayu Park

  • Adventure zone
  • Commando Net
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Burma Bridge
  • 6D theatre Multidimensional theater
  • Cable car
  • Digital Museum
  • Ayurvedic resort / Siddha cave healing centre
  • Virual reality Museum
  • Heli taxi for sky views
  • Moon light dinner
  • Archery
  • Wall Climbing
  • Paintball
  • Side Joola
  • Trekking
  • Virtual Reality Museum

This is a great travel review of activities, fees, charges at Jatayu park in Chadayamangalam.

Official website for bookings at Jatayu park can be done through http://jatayuadventurecenter.com

Official facebook page of Jatayu park is https://www.facebook.com/JatayuEarthsCenter

Phone+91 474 2477077, +91 90725 88713

UAE : +971 55 911 9094

Email address – jacmarketing@jatayuearthscenter.com

Jatayu Adventure Center ChadJatayu Adventure Center Chadayamangalamayamangalam

Jatayu park fees

After this park opened everyone was interested in knowing about Jatayu nature park entry fee. Fees for all adventure activities at Jatayu park is around Rs.3500 per person. There are lesser rates for different packages of activities as follows.

Fees for 15 adventure activities is Rs.1000

15 adventure activities with Trekking is Rs.1500

15 adventure activities with Paintball Rs.1800

All activities with Paintball, Trekking Rs.2300

Complete day activities from 10 am to evening 6.30 pm will be Rs.3500

How to Reach Jatayu Park / Jatayu Adventure Center

Jatayu park is easily accessible from MC Road and this huge rock is easily seen from everywhere when you pass by road through Chadayamangalam.

  • Address – Jatayu Junction, Nature Park Road, Chadayamangalam, Kollam, Kerala
  • Inquiries / Bookings phone number is 090725 88713 – Landline – +91 474 2477077

Timings of Jatayu Park

Jatayu Adventure Center at Chadayamangalam opens at 9.30 am and closes by 6.30 pm in evening. For different activities there are different time slots.