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Tamil action hero Vikram starring Iru Mugan Movie is awaiting release in Kollywood. Iru Mugan actress are Nayantara, Nithya Menen. In the South Indian cinema Iru Mugan actor Chiyaan Vikram does dual role of hero, villain.

Iru Mugan movie is science fiction thriller of Vikram from Director Anand Shankar. In film Iru Mugan Vikram acts as Akhilan who does role of hero. This film is running in theaters with mixed responses. It has done a decent box office collection, but not as expected by film makers. Name Iru Mugan is a Tamil word which means Two Faced or Man with Two faces. Vikram also does role of Villain who is Transgender named “Love”.

Audience has great expectations in actor Vikram who has earlier done multiple roles in Anniyan. Audio songs jukebox of Irumugan has been released. Trailer of Iru Mugan was released on Monday, 1st August 2016 which is getting millions of viewers. From 9th September 2016 Vikram’s Iru Mugan will come to Cinema Theaters to entertain. Presence of Nayantara, Nithya Menen is another highlight of Iru Mugan. Heroines of Iru Mugan are Nayanthara, Nithya Menon.  Iru Mugan film shooting location was at Chennai, Malaysia, Kashmir. Shooting was completed by March 2016. All preparations for World wide release of Chiyaan Vikram’s Iru Mugan is going on. Songs of Iru Mugam are from Harris Jayaraj, released by Sony Music.

Irumugan is Science Fiction Thriller which will make audience enjoy every single moment.

Lot of promotion activities were done by Vikram for his latest film Irumugan in which he is doing double role.

Recently he visited Kerala for Iru Mugan promotion.

Challenging characters are always specialty of actor Vikram who has earlier done roles like Anniyan, I .etc.

Iru Mugan Movie Review – Vikram’s Sci-Fi Thriller

First Day First Show (FDFS) of Iru Mugan has been finished. Reviews of Irumugan of Chiyaan Vikram are that villain role by Vikram came out well. There is nothing special to make this film interesting in its story. It could have been developed well into a better one. Vikram as hero does not have much performance or special actions to make it watchable. Role of Vikram as transgender steals the show to make it at least watchable.

Story of Iru Mugan

Chiyaan Vikram does role of an intelligence officer Akhilan. Actress Nithya Menen is heroine of Akhilan (Vikram). She does role of Aarushi who is a RAW agent, assisting Akhilan.

Vikram also comes in role of villain named Love. Nayanthara is heroine of (Vikram) in his character “Love”. Nayantara does role of Halena.

First half of movie is watchable. There are not many interesting things till interval. Scenes before Interval are said to be good. Vikram’s role as character Love is interesting which makes this film watchable.

Background music of the film is good.

Overall verdict of Iru Mugan is that it’s just an average movie.


Iru Mugan movie Rating is 3/5

Iru Mugan Release Date

Release date of Iru Mugan is on 9th September 2016 (9-9-2016). Trailer release of Iru Mugan was on 1-8-2016.

Iru Mugan actress – cast

  • Vikram – Double role of Akhilan (Hero), Love (Villain)
  • Nayantara – Heroine
  • Nithya Menen

Iru Mugan Movie Official Trailer

Iru Mugan Movie Stills


   Iru Mugan actress

Iru Mugan Poster

Vikram Stills as Transgender Villain

Iru Mugan Director – Anand Shankar. Producer – Shibu K Thameens.

Satellite rights of Iru Mugan movie are purchased by Television channel Jaya TV. Songs from Iru Mugan like Halena, Kannai Vittu, Face Off are already popular.