India Takes Revenge on Pakistan’s Uri Attack by Surgical Strike – Army Hands Over Video Proof

Uri attack on India by Pakistan based terrorists took life of many Indian soldiers in September 2016. This worsened problems between India and Pakistan. Lot of Indians and even Indian Army started demanding a return attack on Pakistan. Based on this Indian Army was given permission to do counter attack on terrorists.

On 29th September 2016 early morning, Indian commandos crossed Line of Control and went to Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India surgical strike video was taken by Army and kept as evidence. As per press release by Director General of Military Operations Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, Indian Special Forces commandos successfully entered Pakistan soil. They destroyed many base camps of terrorists and caused heavy damages to them. In this attack at least 38 terrorists were taken off and this news was celebrated by Indian media. News channels and Newspapers congratulated boldness of Indian Army.

Many countries supported this move of India against terrorism. Pakistan was not ready to accept that India entered their country. They demanded evidence that there were terrorists in PoK, who were taken off by Indian commandos on 29-9-2016. India was confident that they have video evidence of Army attack on Pakistan based terrorists. Many politicians urged that India surgical strike video clips should be released. They were of opinion that this will show the World how powerful India is in carrying out surgical strikes. Many people said that video should not be released, just because Pakistan is not ready to believe this matter. At last Indian Government demanded Army officials to handover proof of India surgical strike video in PoK. On Wednesday, 5th October 2016, Army gave videos of India’s surgical strike carried out as revenge against Uri attack.

When discussions regarding whether such surgical strike ever took place or not, few eye witnesses came out. They revealed that they heard loud explosions and saw soldiers taking away bodies of terrorists.

Hansraj Ahir, Union Minister of State for Home informed media that video clip of Indian commando operation (surgical strike) at Pakistan was submitted to Indian government by Army.  Now major question is that will video of India’s surgical attack be released for public viewing. Usually such videos are not given to media, due to disturbing scenes in such clips.

India Surgical Strike Video Handed Over to Govt – News

india surgical strike video at-pakistan

Duration of India surgical strike video clips that are given by Army to Government is of 90 minutes (One and Half hour). Indian Army has given photographs, videos of surgical strike that were taken by UAV’s and cameras placed in helmets of commandos. UAV is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that is used to take photos and videos from sky.

How was Surgical Strike Carried Out

Pakistan is urging that India’s story about attack on camps located in Pakistan is baseless. They also said that this is a fake story cooked up by Indian Government and Army to keep up their prestige before Indian citizens.

Aam Admi Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal also demanded that Narendra Modi’s BJP government should release video. Surgical strike of India on Pakistan camps was after 10 days of Uri attack.