Tamil Anchor, Serial Actress Sabarna Anand – South Celebrity Suguna Tragic End Reasons

On 11 Nov 2016 South Indian actress, anchor Sabarna body was found from her flat in Chennai. She is popular in Kerala after acting in Malayalam tv serials like Harichandanam, Mayamohini. Reason for Harichandanam actress Sabarna Anand to end life has been revealed. Malayalam, Tamil serial actress Sabarna Anand was living all alone separated from her family.

Sabarna was facing mental depression and pressure due to financial problems that were affecting for past few months. She decided to end everything due to immense pressure she had to face. Real name of Harichandanam actress Sabarna Anand is Suguna who is from Tamilnadu. She started her career through modelling and later truned to become an anchor with Tamil channels. As Sun Music anchor Sabarna Anand became popular. Later she acted in few Tamil movies like Kudiarasu, Poojai, Kalai. She was aged just 29 years old and had lot of talent to make use in film industry.

Sabarna Anand seemed to be disappointed when she started getting less chances to act in film industry. She acted in few serials in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam languages. Her aim was to get a great future in Tamil movies, which could not be fulfilled. She complained in social media that it was injustice as per gender in film industry. She pointed out that male actors got great roles and are able to continue acting till older ages. While actress get expelled out of industry when they become older which is main reason why many artistes like her are not able to get good career. Recently Sabarna Anand was in a big financial crisis that she could not even pay rent of house where she was staying in Chennai. All these could have been reasons why Sabarna Anand (Suguna) decided to end everything.

Did Sabarna Anand have any love affair or relationship. Did any such love breakups cause this decision making by Suguna. There are few gossips that Sabarna Anand had a love affair with a person whose whereabouts is unknown to everyone.

Harichandanam actress Sabarna Anand passed

As per latest news regarding Mayamohini, Harichandanam actress Sabarana Anand we can understand that main reason is due to financial problems. From her official Facebook page posts also such information is gathered where she has made disappointing posts about her career failure.

Actress Sabarna Anand had cut veins in her hand which led to her end. But there was no one else nearby or in her house to rescue her. She was living separeated from everyone and had no contact with neighbors too.

When a foul smell started coming out neighbors informed Police who came to find out reason. Police broke up inside house and found actress in a decomposed stage. It was conformed that Sabarna Anand had done it 2 days back and this was why smell started coming out from her recovered body inside house.

Harichandanam actress Sabarna Anand

As a Sun Music anchor Sabarna Anand was popular among Tamil audience. During this time she knew anchor Mahalakshmi who acted with her in Harichandanam serial as Rose. In Hari Chandanam serial Sabarna Anand did a negative role which entertained audience.


After doing Harichandanam serial in Asianet channel, actress Sabarna Anand got an opportunity to act in Mayamohini serial.


This serial was from popular Director Prasad Nooranad who made popular serials in Kerala.

In Mayamohini serial actress Sabarna Anand was given a chance to act in a dual role. She acted as male character Unni Krishnan and female character Urmila.

Malayalam serial Mayamohini was telecast in Mazhavil Manorama channel few months back. Any way a good actress is lost to industry and for South Indian audience.