Gujarati calendar 2019 download Gujarat pdf calendar January – December 2019

Gujarati panchang nirnay is done through calendars in Gujarati language. Gujarati calendar 2019 is given by State government, shops, newspaper publishers. There is a good demand for printed Gujarat calendars even though lot of free calendars are available online.

What are public holidays and important festival dates in Gujarat state for year January to December 2019. Gujarati calendar 2019 is designed and released to give everyone in Gujarat a clear cut idea about holidays, other astrological auspicious dates.

Gujarati calendar 2019 will give you an idea of public holidays in Gujarat state as follows Cheti Chand, Ram Navami, Holi, Maha Shivratri, Jamshed Navroz, Ganesh Chathurthi, Guru Nanak Birthday, Pongal. Cheti Chand is a feestival that is celebrated only in Gujarat. There are many other local holidays in Gujarat state for different religious celebrations. festivals .etc.

In this article we are giving you photos of Gujarat calendars for all months in year 2019. Also we will guide you about latest mobile apps which can be downloaded and installed in phones whcih will come in handy for everyone.

Gujarati calendar 2019 months, photos

  • January-February મહા 2019
  • February-March ફાગણ 2019
  • March-April ચૈતર 2019
  • April-May વૈશાખ 2019
  • May-June જેઠ 2019
  • June-July અષાડ 2019
  • July-August શ્રાવણ 2019
  • August-September ભાદરવો 2019
  • September-October આસો 2019
  • October-November કારતક 2019
  • November-December માગશર 2019
  • December-January પોષ 2019

Apps from Google playstore for Gujarati calendar 2019 which is suitable for android version mobile phones.

iOs iTunes store app

Gujarati calendar 2019 months days names

In Gujarat state dates and days are known by following names in Gujarati language.


    1. Sunday read as Ravivaar
    2. Monday read as Somvar
    3. Tuesday read as মঙ্গলবার spelled as Mangalvaar
    4. Wednesday read as বুধবার spelled as Budhvaar
    5. Thursday read as বৃহস্পতিবার spelled as Guruvaar
    6. Friday read as শুক্রবার spelled as Shukravaar
    7. Saturday read as শনিবার spelled as Shanivaar


  • January-February month read as મહા
  • February-March month read as ફાગણ
  • March-April read as ચૈતર
  • April-May month read as વૈશાખ
  • May-June month read as જેઠ
  • June-July month read as અષાડ
  • July-August month read as શ્રાવણ
  • August-September month read as ભાદરવો
  • September-October month read as આસો
  • October-November month read as કારતક
  • November-December month read as માગશર
  • December-January month read as પોષ