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Greeshma is a malayalam TV serial actress who has acted in small supporting roles in lot of serials in channels. Extra actress Greeshma was arrested from Kannur by Police. Greeshma serial actress Kannur photos has been updated in this gallery for those who have not seen her. All news details regarding what was the reason for arrest of malayalam serial actress Greeshma and what serials she has acted is inquired by all people who saw this news. What tv serials did actress Greeshma act in malayalam is asked by everyone.

At the time of arrest actress Greeshma was acting in a small role in an old malayalam tv serial named Indira in 2013 for the channel Mazhavil Manorama. She acted in the role of Ammayi of character done by actress Shalu Kurian. In malayalam tv serial Indira serial in Mazhavil Manorama channel, actress Greeshma acted in the role of Ammayi of Shalu Kurian. After arrest she was probably removed from this serial. Actress Greeshma was working for the racket under Ruby Agency that was claiming to supply malayalam tv serial actresses, Kerala models, anchors, movie actress, extra artistes .etc. to those who need.

Based on the complaint of a salesgirl at Kannur, who was asked by Greeshma to join her for business, she was taken into custody. All cases against Greeshma serial actress Kannur has been withdrawn by Kannur Judicial Court. Malayalam Actress Greeshma Arrest news has been viral and everyone wanted to know which was this artistes and which serials she has acted. Greeshma is a malayalam tv serial actress from Kerala who has acted in small roles in serials.

Greeshma was arrested by Police for blackmailing a woman and forcing her to do immoral-traffic. During investigation and court procedures, all eye witnesses and people who filed the case have , withdrawn their statements and this made the Court decide to withdraw all cases against Greeshma.

Greeshma is from Mambaram in Kannur and she was arrested on 23-2-2013 when she forced a sales girl from Chapparapadavu panchayath, who is working at jewellery in Kannur, to help her make easy money.When Greshma started forcing the woman to come with her, she lodged a complaint and based on this Greeshma was arrested.

 Latest News – In a similar case on 26-5-2016 an extra actress named Bindhu S was arrested along with 14 member gang on online racket from Trivandrum. Bindhu S is a Malayalam serial actress, beautician.

Greeshma serial actress Kannur arrested news

Greeshma serial actress kannur

Actress Amala Palakkad Arrested

On Saturday, 22nd October 2016, Malayalam actress Amala Palakkad got arrested in Thodupuzha. Amala is a cinema actress who is popular through small roles in Malayalam movies like Happy Journey, Veeraputran.

News – Greeshma Serial Actress Arrest by Police

The woman complained that Greeshma was continously making phone calls and forcing her to come with her.

Based on the Police advice, the woman asked Greeshma to come to Kannur Railway station and when she came there she was taken into custody by Police. BLater on investigation it was found that the mobile phone of actress Greeshma had lot of phone numbers of popular persons, businessmen, politicians .etc with which she was having contacts.

Greeshma is aged 41 years at present and at the time of arrest she was 38 years and she was later given bail. Greeshma was also known as Arya.

Whereabouts of serial actress Greeshma is not known at present and it is known that she is not acting in any malayalam serials at present.