Tamil Malayalam Actress Gautami Tadimalla Divorce South Actor Kamal Haasan

On 1 November 2016 South Indian actress Gautami divorce news came out. She informed everyone of her decision to breakup from her husband Kamal Haasan. Gautami – Kamal Haasan is ending up their 13 years of living together. Tamil, Malayalam actor Kamal hassan is lovingly called by his fans as Universal Hero / Ulakanayakan.

Actress Gautami Tadimalla divorce news came out as a shocking one to everyone in South film industry. This is third marriage relation of Kamal Haasan with Gautami. Before getting close to actress Gautami, actor Kamal Hassan was married to Vani Ganpati and Sarika Thakur. In case of actress Gauthami this is her second wedding with Kamal. Earlier she was married to Sandeep Bhatia from whom she got divorce few years back. Kamal Hassan – Gautami family details are seen by their fans to know more about their ex-wife, ex-husband, children names, photos. Kamal Haasan – Gautami living together relations has ended after thirteen years of being together without any bonds of marriage.

Actor Kamal Hassan has two daughters Shruti Haasan, Akshara Haasan. Gauthami has one daughter Subbalakshmi. So what are reasons for breakup between actress Gautami Tadimalla and actor Kamal Haasan. Gautami said that she is really heartbroken with this situation. They have been living together for past 13 years from 2005. They did not get legally married, but was living together for past 13 years without any problems. Kamal Hassan is one of the best Indian actors who is popular allover World like Rajnikanth, Jackie Chan .etc. For past few years movies of actor Kamal Haasan were flops, other than Vishwaroopam. Number of films from Kamal Hassan was also few in past years. In her blog Gautami wrote that differences of opinions in their personal life is showing signs that they have to part into two ways.

Gautami mentioned that this is one most difficult decisions that she had to take in her life. Gowthamy said that two persons can go together in family life, only if one person is able to adjust to the other one. In case both partners are not able to adjust to their life’s situations, then it is advisable to get separated.

Gauthami said that she was thinking about it for past 2 years and was not able to solve her problems. Now she decided to get separated and live alone for remaining life. What could have been real reason that Gautami decided to get divorced from Kamal Hassan is unknown. As they are not legally married, there is no need to get any legal divorce.

Real name of actor Kamal Haasan is Parthasarathy who is now aged 61 years. Kamal Haasan is a winner of awards like Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan for his contributions to film industry. Gautami is a popular actress who acted in movies in film industries of Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu.

South Actress Gautami Divorce News

Breakups and divorces are common in lives of South Indian celebrities. There is nothing surprising in it. In case of actress Gautami and Kamal Haasan they are very old to be separated or break up.

News regarding Gautami divorce came out on Monday, 1 November 2016. She shared her blog post in facebook and twitter with these words “Heartbroken to have to share…Life and decisions ”

Actress Gautami wrote in her blog as follows “It is heartbreaking for me to have to say today that I and Mr. Haasan are no longer together. After almost 13 years together..”

Complete article written by Gautami in her personal blog can be read as follows at https://gautamitadimalla.wordpress.com

Gautami mentioned that she is not ready to put reason for her failure in life on anyone’s head. In her words she does not have any anger towards Kamal Haasan. She wrote that she was a fan of Kamal Hassan from the time she came to film industry. It will be like that for ever and she worked as costume designer with him for many years after marriage.

Gautami ended her words saying that all her fans were together with her for past 29 years of her acting career and she wanted to inform everyone of her decision in life too. And that was why she wrote detailed about her decision to get divorced from Kamal Hassan.

Gautami – Kamal Haasan Breakup news

Kamal Haasan Family

First wife of Kamal Haasan is Vani Ganapathy with whom he was married from 1978 to 1988 for 10 years. After that he married Sarika with whom he led family life from in 1988 to 2004 for 16 years.

From 2005 he started living together with actress Gautami till 2016 for 13 years.

Kamal Haasan has two daughters Shruti Haasan, Akshara Haasan.

Gautami Divorce

Gautami Family

First husband of Gautami is Sandeep Bhatia with whom she lived for only 1 year from 1998 to 1999. Daughter of Gautami in her first marriage is Subbalakshmi.  In her living together with Kamal Haasan, actress Gautami has no children.