freedom 251 registration online booking starting date time

Freedom 251 will mark a historical deal in Mobile sales history in India. In a country like India where there are high and low society people , everyone is fond of buying smart phones. But when freedom 251 registration started on 18 February 2016 all types of people including poor, rich, middle class decided to buy these low cost phones.

Even though the freedom 251 mobiles was aimed at attracting the common man of India, it was mostly made use by High profile people, who bought around 5 to 10 mobile phones at a go. Also many companies decided to buy the freedom 251 smart phones for their employees. Freedom 251 registration and online booking started on 18-2-2016, but it was stopped after few hours due to the huge traffic experienced to the freedom 251 website owned by Ringing Bells company of Noida in India. When will the freedom 251 mobile booking restart after the website was down for several hours. the promise made by company is that they will become Live again within 24 hours and so it is expected that the freedom 251 mobile registration will start again from Friday, 19 February 2016 (19-2-16) morning or by afternoon.

This time the website will come with ability to tackle traffic of a million hits without any problems, like most other shopping platform,s around the World like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon India .etc. With the announcement and launch of Freedom 251 mobile phones there has been many accusations that his is some kind of fraud or scam and the people behind this deal will escape with Crores of money collected from Lakhs of customers. But there are many assurances to customers that this is not a Fraud or scam company. Lot of errors happen when doing Freedom 251 online booking. Thousands of people are eager to do booking of Freedom 251 mobiles. They are confronted with Freedom 251 Booking problems which make them fed up.

One main problem that everyone is experiencing is that the website does not load always. Also there are lot of complaints that the site is slow and goes down when people try to submit the details and place the order. Customers are getting blank screens on using submit button in the Freedom 251 website. How can we solve this. Sometimes there are simple things that can solve big problems and it is unknown even to Customer care or support staff, but known to ordinary people who are tech savvy.

So the question is up again , Is there any way to Solve the Freedom 251 Booking Problems and Complaints that the consumers are getting from the first day of online booking of the new android smartphones from Ringing Bells company.

Freedom 251 Registration – Booking

freedom 251 registration

I would like to share some of the simple steps to be followed for booking Freedom 251 mobiles in India. The demand is high because Freedom 251 is not available in Snapdeal Flipkart Amazon .etc.

First of all if you are not able to go to the home page of or see a blank page on clicking the Buy option, you can go directly go to the booking page at

  1. Sometimes you may see a blank page. There is nothing to worry.
  2. Just Hit the Refresh button , Wait for few seconds after it reloads.
  3. If you still don’t get the page , don’t panic or get Restless.
  4. Just hit Refresh once more and wait for few seconds.
  5. Do it slowly for few times. (DO NOT Hit refresh button many times at a singe go without waiting)
  6. You will get the Booking Page soon.
  7. Now the next step is to Fill in your Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address, Agree to Terms and Conditions by Checking the box.
  8. After filling all relevant information, you can click submit and you will taken to a new page.
  9. Sometimes you may get a blank page. If so please repeat above Steps from 2 to 5
  10. You will get a link showing as order succesfull in your browser address bar*******
  11. Now you will get an email at the specified address within 24 to 48 hours, with details on How to Pay the amount online to do payment for Freedom 251 mobile

This is the only available Freedom 251 booking cheat code idea – “Use Refresh button”. We also tried out this method for placing successful orders of Freedom 251 mobile and is the best way to book it online when most experts failed to find out the solutions for Freedom 251 booking problems.

#Freedom251: Ringing Bells Launches Smartphone Priced at Rs 251

And you have nothing to lose than Rs.251 and you will get a Android smartphone of latest Lollipop version operating system which will cost around Rs.5000.

Also please keep in mind that the website name is not freedom 250, it is just freedom251 and this is the cheapest smartphone offer ever made in the entire Universe. Start Up India and Make In India campaign will get more attention with launch of Freedom 251 Mobiles.

Buy Freedom 251 Mobile Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon Online

With the announcement of Freedom 251 mobile sales in India from 17-2-2016, millions of users are ready to purchase it. It is the cheapest smartphone offer ever made in the history of mobile sales. So to Buy Freedom 251 Mobile seems to be the mission of millions of people around India.

People from all places are ready to buy this phone, but sadly the website of Freedom251 could not stand the hype of Indian people and it had to be closed for 24 hrs before they could begin online sales again on Friday, 19 February 2016.

Freedom 251 mobiles sales and booking is through the online shopping platform of Ringing Bells company which is selling the Freedom 251 mobiles from Noida in India.

Thousands of people are hoping that if the sales was done through online shopping platforms like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon the sales wold have been easier because all of these sites are used to huge traffic and also has latets mobile apps for making shopping easier.

But the justification of Freedom 251 manufacturer Ringing Bells is that they could sell  Freedom 251 mobiles at a lower cost only because they have avoided all intermediaries like online shopping sites. If they had used services of popular shopping sits like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon then the process to buy Freedom 251 mobile would have been easier but they would not have been able to sell it at Rs.251

So the important question we are facing from millions of desperate customers is that,

“Can I Buy Freedom 251 Mobile from Snapdeal, Amazon or Flipkart”

The Customer care of Ringing Bells is fed up answering questions like Can we buy Freedom 251 from Snapdeal, Is Freedom 251 available at Amazon, Can Pre-Order booking of Freedom 251  done at Flipkart.

At present the simple answer is No. You cannot buy Freedom 251 mobile from any other shopping websites other than Ringing Bells shopping platform

Presently the price charged for each mobile set of Freedom 251 is Rs.251 + Rs. 40 Courier charges = Rs.291 each for a Freedom 251. The delivery time is also long, and they expect to deliver the first 50 lakh units of Freedom 251 mobiles by 30 June 2016.

This a pre order booking and based on bookings the manufacturing of mobiles will start. There has been comments that the Freedom 251 mobile is a replica of Adcom mobiles.

The Bookings Dates of Freedom 251 will restart from 19 February 2016 (19-2-2016) and will continue till 21 February 2016 or may be extended to few more days. It is disappointing for many people that the Freedom251 mobile phones are not available for purchase from any other shopping websites.

There are news reports that the money collected for these mobiles are going to be returned. And later when the mobile phone is delivered the price of for Freedom 251 will be accepted as COD or cash on delivery. Many people who have been desperate to buy this phone have now lose interest due to the long waiting time required for buying it.

And only around 50 lakh customers could be delivered the phone within 4 months. Also many people are waiting to know the review of people who have used the Freedom 251 mobile before deciding to buy it.