Freedom 251 Delivery Started Ringing Bells Smart Phone 28-6-2016

The smart phone Freedom 251 is again back in news after there are reliable reports that this phone is going to be real. Freedom 251 delivery started in India based on the smartphone bookings that were received by the company before the last date. There was a huge response when Freedom 251 mobiles were put up on sale with price tag of unbelievable prices of just Rs.251.

Most of the competitors were startled by the move of Ringing Bells company because the number of inquiries an bookings for Smart Phone Freedom 251 was above all expectations. The booking of Freedom 251 has ended few months back with lot of controversies that it was not real and phones will not be delivered to the customers who paid money. But moving off all such gossips, the startup company Ringing Bells is back into action as earlier promised and will start delivery of it’s first lot of 30,000 orders from 28 June 2016. Freedom 251 company Ringing Bells has sent Confirmation SMS and Email to customers who have successfully booked the phones in the first batch.

Based on this all the customers who are in the first 30,000 orders will get a confirmations SMS or E-mail informing that they will get phones by 30 June 2016 (30-6-2016). With this move Ringing Bells will get more confidence from customers and based on the review of these phones, the next bookings will be done by customers. In a country like India where new smart phones are introduced every week, there are thousands of people who will definitely like to get their hands on Freedom 251 phones which are just Rs.251 only. Ringing Bells company is at Noida and it’s Director Mohit Goel informed that the Freedom 251 Delivery will be on COD basis (Cash on Delivery).

Freedom 251 Delivery date is from 28-6-16 and those who have done confirmed bookings can expect these phones to get delivered to them soon. Earlier the bookings was done based on fore front payment and due to allegations that the company will cheat people, the booking amount was given back to customers.

It was decided to give Freedom 251 phones based on Cash On Delivery, so there is no difficulty in the part of customers and company. Lot of people decided to cancel their bookings because of many controversies and gossips that spread about this company.

Refund of payment was made to many customers by Ringing Bells and by this the company showed that it has no plans to cheat anyone and it’s project is real.

Freedom 251 Delivery news

Official website for making bookings of Freedom 251 smart phones is at

With the completion of first Freedom 251 delivery there will be more confidence building up for this company and lakhs of people will start doing online bookings for freedom 251 in coming months.

Freedom 251 Delivery

Freedom 251 Review

Ashok Chaddha is the President of Ringing Bells President company and said that this phone is a good quality one with actual cost to be about Rs.2500. The company is able to deliver the phones at such a low price of Rs.251 because of the various things which they are not ready to expose in fear that competitors may also do the same things.

This is a great relief to all people who are interested in buying Freedom 251 phones and most of them have received Acknowledgment SMS in their phones.