Fidel Castro Passed News Former Cuban President, Prime Minister on 26-11-2016

Fidel Castro who was previous Cuban President and Prime Minister passed on 26th November 2016. Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro passed news was revealed by present Cuban president Raul Castro.

In Communist revolutionary countries Fidel Castro is considered as a hero. In India there are lot of supporters for Fidel Castro. For almost 50 years Fidel Castro ruled Cuba where there was no other opposing party against him. It was because strongest ways done by Fidel Castro in handling opposing powers against him. Later in 2008 he handed over his powers of governing Cuba to his brother Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro was leader of Communist Party congress in Cuba and he was admired by many people around World. Cuban communist concepts of Fidel Castro had great values and were given respect by his followers. Cuban leader Fidel Castro passed news at age of 90 years has come out through State channel which was announced by Raul Castro. On 13 th August 1926 Fidel Castro was born in Cuba and his full name is Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. Fidel Castro ruled Republic of Cuba in Prime Minister position from 1959 – 1976 and then became President from 1976 – 2008. He was a follower of Marxist – Leninist policy in politics. There was a time when most countries feared Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro. State funeral will be held for Fidel Castro soon and he is known as Commander in chief of Cuban revolution . Fidel Castro has a big family with first wife Mirta Díaz-Balart, second wife Dalia Soto del Valle.

There are lot of supporters for Fidel Castro allover world. Few months back health condition of Fidel Castro worsened very much, but soon he recovered his health.

Fidel Castro is having lot of supporters at Kerala and in many other places in India. Fidel Castro is popular like other revolutionary strong leaders in world like Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin.

fidel castro passed news former cuban president fidel castro passed news 26-11-2016


Fidel Castro Family

Ángel Castro y Argiz is Fidel Castro’s father and Lina Ruz González is his mother.

Raúl Castro – Brother

Ramón Castro Ruz – Brother

Pedro Emilio Castro Argota – Brother

Manuel Castro Argota- Brother

Antonia Maria Castro Argota – Sister

Georgina Castro Argota – Sister

Juanita Castro – Sister

Emma Castro – Sister

Ángela María Castro Ruz – Sister

Agustina Castro – Sister

Lidia Castro Argota – Sister

Jorge Angel Castro – Son

Alina Fernández – Daughter

Francisca Pupo – Daughter

Mirta Diaz-Balart – First wife

Dalia Soto del Valle – Second Wife

Fidel Castro and first wife Dalia Soto del Valle have son Fidel Ángel Castro Díaz-Balart

Fidel Castro and Dalia Soto del Valle have children whose names are Alexis Castro-Soto, Alejandro Castro-Soto, Antonio Castro-Soto, Alex Castro-Soto, Angel Castro-Soto.