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Horrifying incident of Flight EK521 Dubai Emirates plane crash happened on Wednesday, 3 rd 2016. 282 passengers, 18 crew members were inside Emirates Boeing 777 which crash landed Dubai International Airport. Flight started from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Most of the passengers were from India.

There were few people from Britain, Emirates, Australia too. Dubai Firefighters, Emirates Crew did everything they could to rescue all passengers on board. During heroic rescue operation Firefighter Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan passed. Departure of Boeing 777 aircraft (EK521) from Trivandrum International Airport was at 10.19 am. It’s scheduled arrival at Dubai International Airport was 12.50pm. But it came down 5 minutes earlier due to emergency situation. While getting ready for landing, an unexpected flight failure happened.

This was communicated by Pilot to Airport authorities. An emergency landing was ordered, Fire & rescue vehicles, Ambulances stood ready. At this time Cabin Crew had asked passengers to get ready for an emergency evacuation. But passengers were unaware of seriousness of situation. Most of them was looking for their luggage, personal belongings, baggage .etc. Cabin crew members had a real difficult time in managing passengers to evacuate in this emergency situation. Whole evacuation process after crash landing was done within 90 seconds. Immediately after this front portion of flight caught fire and burst out. During this a firefighter lost life. A great rescue mission was done to save 283 passengers within such a short time. Emirates aircraft that met this incident was flying to Dubai International Airport from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

Around 14 people had slight injuries, health problems. They were taken to nearby hospitals. A passenger took video from inside Emirates flight during emergency evacuation. It contains how passengers are trying to get their baggage’s, slowing down rescue activities. We can also hear cabin crew pleading them to get out of plane immediately on landing. Presence of mind of staff, firefighters saved hundreds of lives which would have been lost in this incident.

Later Emirates Chairman informed media that all passengers are safe and sound. He also thanked the heroic efforts of rescue workers. He also mentioned that everyone will remember firefighter Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan in their prayers.

Dubai emirates plane crash photo

dubai emirates plane crash

This is photograph of Firefighter who lost life in Dubai Plane rescue mission. His name is Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan.

News report on Dubai Emirates plane Crash

Incident of Dubai Emirates plane crash has shocked everyone. This is first time that an Emirates plane had crashed since it began business. Flight EK521 was a Boeing plane which had landing gear failure.

If rescue , evacuation process was delayed around 300 people would have been lost in a tragic incident.