Drishyam, Papanasam Fame Actress Asha Sarath Against Leaked Videos

2 people who were behind the leaking of Asha Sarath Video Leaked was arrested by Police. They were natives of Malappuram and they had uploaded the video of Asha Sarath through a fake Facebook account. The arrest was made based on the complaint by Asha Sarath, to find out the person who has leaked the video clips of Asha Sharath.

Malayalam actress Asha Sarath has acted in movies like Drishyam with Mohanlal and it’s remake Papanasam with Kamal Hassan. She is only of the many South Indian actresses have always been the victims of leaked videos. Many of them were original ones, especially in Bollywood, Kollywood.etc. But in this it is fake-one and so she made a complaint, because it’s affecting her reputation. Asha Sarath Video is the latest one in this list. With modern social networking sites like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook.etc. it has become very easy for people to release such videos.

And many were found to be fake-ones or of similar looking models or others who resembled like that. Recently it has become common in Mollywood that untrue, false made up videos in the names of actresses are released. Asha Sarath Video clips have become viral through and is downloaded by thousands of people. Even though they know that it’s not original and is a fake-one the demand never ceases, it’s shared, allover the internet. It seems there is no one to take control over it or sometimes impossible to control because it gets shared and in modern scenario it is called ‘viral videos’. These kind of unoriginal videos of many malayalam actresses have been released and shared through Whatsapp.

Gayathri Arun, Kavya Madhavan, Swetha Menon, Aparna Nair, Saritha Nair. The latest victim of these kind of mischief by people is the actress Asha Sarath. Presently Asha Sarath is a well known celebrity.

Asha Sarath is a classical dancer and she had made her entry into tv serials and then into movies in malayalam, tamil.

Case Filed in Asha Sarath leaked video incident news

Asha Sharath filed a complaint with Police authorities regarding a whats app video which is circulating for past few days, claiming to be that of her.

Asha Sarath leaked video

She said that she has raised her voice against this, to ensure that no such things happen in future to others. Asha Sarath is also of the opinion that such activities should be punished and brought before law.

Asha Sarath Filmography

Malayalam movies of Asha Sarath are Varsham, Zachariayude Garbhinikal, Buddy, Ardhanaari, Karmayodha, Angels.

Tamil movies of Asha Sarath are Thoongavanam, Papanasam.

Asha Sarath has requested a cyber cell investigation regarding a video spreading with her name tagged to it.

Similar Issue to Gayathri Arun

Gayathri Arun the Parasparam fame Malayalam Actress Leaked photos had been viral in Whatsapp and Facebook. Her fake-profile page was created and used by a guy at Thiruvananthapuram. The arrest of this person was made on Tuesday, 28-07-2015.

Case Filed Against Asha Sarath Video

In Reality – The news that a case was filed against the persons who uploaded, shared or send the Asha Sarath video has actually made more persons know about the existence of such a vid. Lakhs of people are looking allover the web and asking their friends in Whatsapp whether they have it. What are the thoughts of malayali’s at present. Even when they know that it is a fake-unoriginal one they want to see it.

When cases of celebrities in such leaked case videos are handled, no news should be given to media regarding the investigation , till the real culprit is found out and all videos are erased. This may not be possible , but at least some publicity for such videos can be avoided.