Pay Fixation Software 2016 Kerala Pay Revision Calculator Details

Revised Pay Fixation Software is the easiest way to calculate the fixation based on the new pay scales of employees based on each job designation and department. Many staff have development their own software’s for free use by others and they have created it voluntarily with the mind of helping others.

These are exclusively for Kerala staff in Government pay scale and anyone can download Pay Fixation Software for the year 2015-2016 pay fixation calculations. Pay Fixation Calculator software’s are an easy way to make sure that you are able to calculate the fixations without any mistake. People who have developed it had worked hard in updating the latest pay scales as per the Tenth (10th) Kerala Pay Revision Commission Report that was published in July 2015. With latest Pay revision approval the minimum salary of employees in Kerala Govt service was increased to Rs.16500 and the maximum salary is Rs.1,20,000.

With this Pay revision 2016 by the 10th Kerala Pay Commission Report there has been an increase of Rs.2000 to Rs.12000 for all employees who have joined before July 2014. Pay Fixation Software helps in easy and accurate calculation of the revised salary scales and total basic salary, dearness allowance .etc.

Pay Fixation is an important calculation method for Government employees in State and Central Govt pay scales and is commonly used after salary hike based on promotion of pay revision. This time in Kerala in 2016 after the pay revision was announced many employees were interested in knowing the details of their fixation and hike in salary scales. The 10th Kerala pension fixation calculation is also possible with the help of apps or software’s like that. The Pay revision recommendations made by the 10th Pay Commission of Kerala was far better than all other old reports in Pay commission.

There was a considerable increase in the wage scales and importance was given to Part time contingent employees scales also. Almost all important aspects like increments, allowances, pensions .etc. was taken into account by the Tenth Pay Revision Commission under Ramachandran Nair as Chairman and based on this a favorable decision was taken and submitted as a report on July 2015.

Considering upcoming Kerala Legislative Assembly elections (Niyamasabha) in Kerala , the Government also made a favorable move in approving the recommendations made by the Commission , fearing protests from Employee Unions and Parties.

Still there are complaints that many designations or departments did not get a good salary revision as expected. Many people voluntarily developed  Pay Fixation Software that can be easily used in calculation of Pay Fixation, based on the present revisions of salary scales of Kerala Govt employees.

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There are different types of pay fixation calculators developed by different developers in Kerala. Safeeq M.P who is working as an UD Clerk in Kerala Government service at the Kerala Water Authority in Kozhikode has developed a software named “Pay Fixation Consultant 2016”, which is the latest version of this software.

Shijoy James Thalakkottur has made a website that has useful software’s for Kerala Pay fixation and many other salary and pension calculations.

Pay Fixation Consultant 2016 Software

Pay fixation software details are updated by Shijoy –

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On 20 January 2016 the Pay Revision Recommendations have been approved by the Kerala Government through the Cabinet meeting. After the announcement there are many doubts for Government employees regarding the pay revisions and there has been lot of queries regarding the calculators available for calculating pay revision fixation for Kerala 2016.

Pay Fixation software helps in error free calculating of pay fixation which can be easily entered in the Statement of Pay Fixation which is to be given in the relevant application form by the employee after the Pay Revision is announced.