Downgrade lenovo p70 lollipop to kitkat Double tap, security features

All Lenovo Customers are confused at the moment when an OTA update regarding Android Lollipop 5.1 reached them. Downgrade lenovo p70 lollipop to kitkat is now the most asked question in Lenovo and Technology forums. Why are users who installed OTA update of Android’s latest version Lollipop in a tight situation.

This is an educational article based on personal experience of ‘Lenovo P70 A’ Smart phone user. Should you download, install or update your Kitkat operating system to Lollipop is what we are discussing here. Latest Update on Lenovo P70 Update Failure, Problems – On 25 December 2015 a new update came out for Lenovo P70 to all users P70-A_S138_151020_16G_L_ROW_TO_P70-A_S139_151214­_16G_L_ROW . The Reviews on this update will be coming soon, so wait before updating this in your Lenovo P 70 phone. Many users have said that there is installation errors when using the new update in Lenovo P70 in December 2015 update. Many complaints are surfacing saying that the P70A 5.1 after lollipop update (A_S139_151214_16G_L_ROW install has failed and it has creating confusions among users. To make it simple – If you have not downloaded Android Lollipop till now for your smartphone. Then you should wait for some more time till all the bugs in it are fixed.

If you have updated your Kitkat or other version OS to Lollipop and was in a panic situation like me, then you should continue reading my tips on how to solve it. I too was in such a situation few days before when the Lenovo P 70 A OTA (On The Air) Update message reached me and i foolishly updated to Lollipop without thinking anything else. You may have come here to know how to downgrade Lenovo P70 Lollipop to Kitkat or remove the updated version top the old one that existed in your mobile phone. I am not here to give an online tutorial on how to downgrade Lenovo P70 Lollipop to Kitkat . I want to teach you how to adjust to the present situations wait for bug fixes. If you are hesitant to get the Kitkat back in your phone.

You should better go to Authorized service center of your Phone and get it ready. Biggest mistake that i did was that i tried to Factory reset my Phone and Erased all data, including phone contacts, gallery photos, ringtones. I was hoping that i will get the old Kitkat version if i reset to Factory version of Lenovo. But i was completely mistaken. All my data was erased and i was standing with a fresh Lollipop in Hand, i did not get the Kitkat as i expected. I was very angry myself for being so silly.

Later i found that going to older version is almost impossible by ourselves. You have to go to an Official service centre of your Phone and get the experts do it. There are many techniques being shared in internet like downloading Drivers, ROM, Flash tools.etc. If you are not an expert in Mobile Technology, do not even attempt it. It could damage your phone forever. If You want to get it back to older version, just Walk In to to Official Service Centre.

Downgrade lenovo p70 lollipop to kitkat – Should You Do it or Not

Never Reset Phone

I will never encourage you to Factory reset phone, because you will erase all your data and still not get back to the Kitkat version. Because the update you had done had overwritten the Kitkat OS to new Android Lollipop. There is no going back to the Past through Resetting or Factory reset of phone. If you use Flash tools, ROM, Drivers and other tutorials available in the internet, you will be damaging the phone and also getting your Manufacturer Warranty coverage void or removed.

So What to Do with Lenovo P70 Lollipop Phone

What are the features that you are missing after you updated or upgraded from Kitkat to Lollipop. The most favorite things you will be missing are,

  1. Double Tap to Wake Up the Screen
  2. Security App / Cleaning App
  3. Battery Charging Slow and Fast Battery drain

Downloading and Installing Few App’s could easily solve your problems. I was very sad that i lost the “Double Tap to Wake Up Screen” option. So i tried my luck with many apps for Double Tapping. But most of them did not satisfy me.

Wave to Lock Unlock App for Lenovo, Samsung Phones

At last i tried Wave to Lock and Unlock App from the Google Play Store. I was impressed by it’s performance. There is a proximity sensor on most android phones and it is located to the top of phone. So after you install this app and activate the feature, the screen will lock and open on waving your hands or moving above it. Make sure that you don’t wave back and forth , because the screen will come on and off. Just wave in one direction and the screen will lock. After that wave again in one direction and it will go off.

Downgrade lenovo p70 lollipop to kitkat

It’s so simple that you will be like a magician who waves and does trick. Great app than Double tapping. This app can be used in all phones and i have tried it with Samsung phones with old android version and it worked perfectly.

Download  – Wave to Lock / Unlock App

If you have a Phone Boosting or Security app then White list the app “Wave to Lock or Unlock”. If not it will get switched off when the Phone boost works.

Security App / Cleaning App

Now the other concern is regarding the security app you had in Kitkat version. There was Clean Tasks app which used to Close All Currently Opened apps. This feature is not completely missing. It can be seen by Double Tapping on the Home button (Middle touch button at bottom). You will get a Sweep icon and on touching , all the recently opened apps will be cleaned up and your RAM will be released.

If you are still not satisfied you may just install apps like Advanced Task Manager or 360 Security. Any one of these apps enough. Just make sue that you white-list the “Wave to Unlock” app in the above apps to prevent it from getting off every now and then. You can clean junk files, improve battery power or life and so many things.

Features of Android Lollipop

New Notification system for getting updates from Lock screen itself. Battery Saving Mode .etc.

Downgrade Lollipop to Kitkat, Upgrade Kitkat to Lollipop, Marshmallow

Android Software versions or mobile operating systems that are developed by Google company has brought revolutionary changes to Smart Phone segment. Google’s Android software have a long list and with each upgrade there has been more improvements to the Mobile OS in Android Phones.

Details regarding Downgrade Lollipop to Kitkat in Smart Phones. Downloading and Updating Android versions is now more easy through the OTA (Over The Air) updates delivered by mobile phone companies. The OTA updates are very easy to install the android phone versions and helps you avoid the difficulties faced for updating through Flash Tools, ROM .etc.

Upgrading and Downgrading of android versions is getting common nowadays. But there are lot of things you have to take care while doing this because a wrong move could actually damage your phone.

Upgrading to newer versions should be done very carefully after reading the reviews by other users about it and you have to check whether they have faced any problems or not.

Downgrading Android Softwares

One of the best versions till now is Android KitKat version. The next one to come was Lollipop with lot of features and bugs. Downgrade Lollipop to Kitkat is one of the most seeken updates at present. Lollipop OTA’s are being send by companies encouraging users to shift to the Lollipop 5.1 version. It has got it’s own features and we can expect that all bugs are fixed soon.

My Experience – Lenovo P 70 A Upgrade OTA from Kitkat 4.4 to Lollipop 5.1

Many users including me who updated to Lollipop was in a panic because we could not accept that we lost many features we enjoyed in Kitkat was lost when we upgraded to Lollipop version. The first thing i started asking was – How to Downgrade Lenovo P70 A 5.1 Lollipop Update to Factory Settings of Kitkat 4.4 Version.

After a lot of searching in Lenovo forums i found that lot of people has been experiencing difficulties on updating using the Official OTA message i received in phone (P70-A_S132_150527_ROW). If you are using a genuine Lenovo phone, there is nothing to fear. But if you have a fake Chinese Phone then there are chances that this update will make the phone software damaged. I think it is like the Windows Genuine Software check.

After updating my Lenovo P70 A phone to Lollipop i missed many features i have been enjoying earlier when i used Kitkat OS. The important things were,

  • Double Tap to Wake – Open Home Screen
  • More Battery Drain than in Kitkat

The problems experienced by other users were,

Battery Charging is Very Slow

Rearranging Icons in Home Screen is difficult

System Security app / Cleaning or Closing Apps Icon is missing

And everyone including me was asking – How to Get Back Kitkat 4.4 in P70 from to 5.1  Lollipop.

The Answer to it that i found was a Big NO. You cannot go back. If you still have not updated to Lollipop from Kitkat, the best thing you can do is avoid the Android 5.1 update till all the bugs are solved.

(This post is dated 14-11-2015 when the problem exists, If you read this post after few weeks, then check whether the bugs are solved or not)

So What did i do – Did I Downgrade Lollipop to Kitkat in My Phone

I did not downgrade my phone. I decided to get the help of some Apps to solve his problem. I was missing the features like Double Tap to  Open and Security / Cleaning App.

So i started trying many Double Tap to Open Applications in my Lenovo P 70 Phone. But most of them did not work and i was greatly depressed. But luckily i came across Wave to Lock and Unlock App in Google Play Store. I was greatly satisfied with this app. Only thing you have to make sure is that don’t move our hands unnecessarily over the sensor placed at the top portion of your screen. Sometimes when your hands move above the sensor it locks or opens the screen. But on getting trained you will understand that it will open and close the screen like you are doing a magic gesturing / waving your hand above the phone like a magician.

Download – Wave to Lock and Unlock App –

So these are the tips we have regarding Downgrade Lenovo P70 guide. For others who are determined for a Double Tap or Single Tap to Open and Close screen , then you will have to use the Hola Screen Lock App or Double Tap Screen On Off App. You can also use your own choices , but i was just sharing my experiences on using Wave to Lock App which was i liked most. Regarding Hola Screen App or others you will have to try , whether it works for you or not.