Director Nadirshah actress Kavya Madhavan arrest bail news in Dileep case

Nadirsha bail application is considered on Wednesday 13th September 2017 by high court. On the same day actor Dileep’s bail application is also being considered in this case.

Latest news in connection to actress attack case at Cochin is that that Nadirshah has not presented himself before Police to get questioned. More details will be available soon on Monday 11th September 2017. Director Nadirshah said that he may get arrested like actor Dileep who was in jail for past 2 months.

This made him file an anticipatory bail application in High Court saying that he is being threatened by police to give evidence against Dileep. Police is investigating connection of Director Nadirshah actress Kavya Madhavan to this case.

Reason pointed out by nadirshah was that he is a close friend of Dileep and police is trying to forcibly make him give evidence in this case.

This was by Nadirshah gave an anticipatory bail application to High Court. Court put away and said that bail application will be considered only on 13th September 2017. This gave police enough time to take director Nadirshah for questioning.

Fearing an arrest Nadirsha got himself admitted to private hospital in Kochi. He said that he was having health problems and this was why he is admitted in hospital. As per latest news, police came to this hospital by night on 10th September 2017.

Nadirsha was seen leaving Hospital premises in another vehicle and his car is still in hospital. This made newspapers and TV news channels give news that Nadirshah has been taken by police for further questioning.

Will Director Nadirshah be arrested after questioning is not known at present. Considering situation that Nadirshah had given an anticipatory bail makes him suspicious to everyone.

There are lot of chances that Nadirshah may get arrested after questioning by police. Within few have hours we will know exact details regarding this case.

Questioning of Director Nadirshah actress Kavya Madhavan

Manorama news Nadirsha bail appilcation

Procedures to question Film Director Nadirshah and actress Kavya Madhavan in connection to actress attack case is being done by Police. Nadishah had given a anticipatory bail application to Court which will be considered only on Wednesday, 13th September 2017.

Police took Nadirshah for questioning after discharging him from hospital on 10-9-2017. Later it was known by news reports that it is not true. Nadirshah is noit going to get questioned by police and trying to get anticipatory bail on 13-9-2017.

Soon Kavya Madhavan will also be interrogated for second time based on Nadhirshah’s revelations.

Another important Kerala celebrity who may get arrested in connection with this case is actress Kavya Madhavan who is wife of actor Dileep.

Pulsar Suni who is main culprit of this case had given statement that actress Kavya Madhavan is the accused Madam in this case. He also had given information regarding an MLA based at Aluva who knows all details of Nadirshah’s involvement in this case.