Malayalam actress attack case – Actor Dileep, Nadirshah, Kavya Madhavan ?

Latest breaking news is that actor Dileep is arrested on Monday, 10 July 2017. Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan is wife of Dileep and her online shop Lakhya’s office was raided on 30 June 2017. Dileep Nadirshah Blackmail case has resulted in arrest of actor Dileep. This was in connection to Pulsar Suni’s remark regarding going to a shop in Kakkanad after attacking actress. In Malayalam actress attack case, actor Dileep filed a complaint against Vishnu who blackmailed.

Kerala actor Dileep Nadirshah involvement in actress attack case is under investigation after shocking things about this case is coming out. Recently Kerala attacked actress had given her statements on people who she suspect to be involved in this case. Nadirshah said that he got a phone call from Vishnu who was in prison with Pulsar Suni. Director Nadirshah said that Rs. 1.5 crore was demanded from him and Dileep. Nadirshah had got these threatening calls and her recorded it for evidence. Later he send these recorded phone calls to Dileep.

Malayalam actor Dileep decided to give a complaint in writing to Director General of Police (DGP) regarding this issue. Actor Dileep’s latest Malayalam movie Ramaleela is going to release when allegations against him are coming out. Dileep accused that these present controversies are to damage his reputation and movie career in Mollywood. Actor Dileep informed that he has handed over evidence of phone calls from Vishnu who was blackmailing them.

On Saturday, 24 June 2017 actor Dileep filed blackmail case against Pulsar Suni, Vishnu in actress attack case. From incident of actress attack at Ernakulam, Dileep was saying that he has no role in Malayalam actress molestation case. He has been saying that some people are trying to target him using this issue.

Dileep and Bhavana were said to have some problems after he divorced first wife Mnaju Warrier. Actress Bhavana and Manju Warrier were good friends. Actress Bhavana recently revealed that she was losing chances in Malayalam movies due to intervention of a popular actor in Kerala.

When actress was attacked by Pulsar Suni lot of celebrities came to console her. Actress Manju Warrier offered full support to Bhvana in arresting all people involved in attack against her. In Bhavana’s engagement also Manju Warrier participated.

Latest News on Dileep Nadirshah Blackmail case

Arrest of Malayalam cinema actor Dileep in actress attack case was on 10-7-2017. Dileep cried during questioning before investigating Police officials at Aluva Police club.

On 11th July morning, Dileep was taken to Magistrate who remanded him in judicial custody for 14 days.

Dileep in Judicial custody for 14 days at Aluva sub jail – Asianet News

On Friday, 30 June 2017 Police had conducted a raid at Kavya Madhavan’s online shopping portal Lakhsya’s office. This was in connection to accusation that Pulsar Suni mentioned about visiting Kakkanad shop after conducting attack on actress. CCTV visuals, questioning of staff at Lakhya’s office were done by Police to get evidence regarding this case.

Dileep and Nadirshah were questioned by Police for many hours. Later they were let off at night after getting a phone call from Trivandum, demanding freeing them as they are not accused in case at present. Dileep, Nadrishah gave their opinions regarding blackmail case, and said about things that were to prove their innocence in actress attack case.

Director Nadirshah is a good friend of actor Dileep who stood with him in all tight situations. Since attack on this actress, it was said that a Malayalam film director was involved in this case. Recent allegations by Pulsar Suni and his prison friend Vishnu are against Director Nadirshah and actor Dileep. It is considered that main motive of Vishnu is to blackmail Nadirshah and Dileep to get money from them.

As per latest news coming on Dileep Nadirshah case, it is a blackmail plan made by Pulsar Suni and Vishnu.

Vishnu was in jail in another case and stayed with Pulsar Suni during this time. Pulsar Suni had revealed about people who had given quotation to attack Bhavana during his stay in prison. As per this Vishnu tried to blackmail Dileep and make money. This is what we know as per latest news coming out through media.

Dileep and Nadirshah has filed a Police complaint after this allegation came against them.

More evidences regarding Pulsar Suni in connection to a popular actor in Kerala is coming out at present. Evidence regarding Pulsar Suni hiding at this actor’s office after attacking actress is also revealed. A letter that was sent by Pulsar Suni to Dileep is now shown by media. This is latest news about this incident regarding blackmail case. 

Reticently some unconfirmed news is coming out saying that binami properties worth Rs.22 crore was purchased in name of Bhavana by Dileep. This was done at time when there was no problem in relation between Dileep and his wife Manju Warrier. When they split up it’s said that problems between Dileep and Bhavana worsened.

Now there is another unconfirmed news that Bhavana has given her statement that her properties worth 22 crores in allover Kerala is not owned by her. She was forced to put her name as binami for these properties owned by an actor. If this actor denies this allegation, this property ownership will directly go to Government who will take over when Bhavana says that it’s not owned by her.

News about Dileep Nadirshah blackmail case in connection to Kerala actress molestation and quotation is really shocking. People of Kerala are confused regarding truth of this incident.