Actor Dileep Reasons for Manju Warrier Divorce, Second Marriage with Kavya Madhavan

Finally Malayalam actor Dileep opened up his mind regarding what had happened in his family life with Manju Warrier. Dileep and his wife who is a popular Kerala actress Manju Warrier had a breakup which ended in divorce in 2015. later after 2 years Dileep had married another Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan. There had been controversies that Dileep – Kavya Madhavan were in love affair which led to divorce of Dileep.  But both Kavya Madhavan and Dileep denied such stories and said that their wedding is an arranged one and not a love marriage.Celebrity couple Dileep Manju Warrier divorce reason has been revealed recently by actor Dileep himself. Dileep has a daughter Meenakshi in his first marriage with Manju Warrier.

Recently there had been lot of protests from Mollywood fans against Dileep divorcing Manju Warrier and marrying Kavya Madhavan. Dileep had fans support when he had a break up with Manju Warrier. But, when Dileep second marriage with actress Kavya Madhavan happened, all things turned upside down for him. This has made Dileep reveal real reasons behind his family problems and why had he decided to get married again. Many sites have reported speculations about Dileep Manju Warrier divorce reason even though many of these things are still not completely a truth or false.

Malayalam movie magazine Cinema Mangalam writer Pallissery is a controversial writer who boldly writes articles about secrets of celebrities in Mollywod. Pallissery’s article about Dileep – Manju Warrier break up has been controversial. Later his recent article about Dileep – Kavya Madhavan second marriage was another one. Pallissery is a malayalam columnist who reveals many shocking incidents about life of celebrities. Pallissery story about Kavya – Dileep second marriage was considered as a gossip till both of them got married in 25 November 2016.

Recently there had been news reports that Pallissery is fearing some kind of attacks on him for writing truth about celebrities. So what is actually truth, who is telling the truth. Whom should Malayalam film audience believe when different stories are being said by each one.

Kavya Madhavan first marriage was in 2009 with  Nishal Chandra. Later in 2011 she divorced her first husband Nishal Chandra. By this time Dileep and Manju Warrier filed for divorce in 2014 and they legally got separated in January 2015. Within 2 years Dileep and Kavya Madhavan got married in November 2016.

Dileep Manju Warrier Divorce Reason – Other issues

In April 2017 Malayalam actor Dileep opened up his mind in an interview with a popular news channel Manorama. Actor Dileep is very upset and sad with present situations about incidents happening in his life over past few years.

Dileep said that he felt very bad when he was criticized for attack on actress Bhavana. Dileep revealed that he thought of ending up his life when he was accused for attacking Bhavana.

Actor Dileep said that news reports that Kavya adhavan is reason for problems in his life is not a truth. Dileep said that his relation with first wife Manju Warrier was a very strong one. Many problems developed between Dileepa dn Manju which has nothing to do with actress Kavya Madhavan.

Dileep Manju Warrier divorce reason is kept as a secret because lot of popular persons names are involved in it. Dileep had asked for a secret trial in Family court to prevent such details being revealed to public. Dileep has also decided to keep it all a secret to prevent any problems to his daughter Meenakshi. He does not want any kind of problems happening to his daughter or first wife due to his divorce petition.

Dileep Manju Warrier Divorce Reason

Manorama News Interview Video – Dileep Manju Warrier Divorce Reason

Dileep Daughter Meenakshi

Dileep’s Daughter Meenakshi with Kavya Madhavan

Dileep Bhavana Controversy / Issues

Along with second marriage controversies another allegation soon came up against Dileep. It was when Bhavana revealed that she had lost many roles in Malayalam film industry due to intervention of a Malayalam actor.

Bhavana and Dileep had acted in lot of movies together. There is a story that when Bhavana supported Manju Warrier and revealed about some secrets she knew about Dileep, many problems started between Dileep and Manju. Truth regarding this incident is unknown. But soon after that Bhavana started losing roles in Mollywood and she did not act in any film with Dileep.

Recently in 2017 Bhavana was attacked and abused by Pulsar Suni. Even though there is said to be no connection for Dileep to this attack on Bhavana, there had been many allegations against Dileep. Malayalam actor Dileep was criticized for attack on Bhavana even if he did not have anything to do with it.

After attack on actress Bhavana she boldly recovered and Bhavana marriage is fixed in 2017. Recently engagement of actress Bhavana happened in March 2017.

All these things made Dileep reveal what all he want to say happened in his life including his divorce, second wedding, Bhavana issue. Dileep said that he even thought about ending his life when his name as dragged in to Bhavana case.