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Dileep Kavya marriage on 25th November 2016 was a surprising event for everyone who always saw their gossips. Even though there were lot of news that Dileep ad Kavya Madhavan no one was ready to believe that they were really in love affair. It was just considered to be a news in gossip columns in Mollywood celebrity news. On 25-11-2016 all people were eventually shocked, surprised that this gossip of Kavya Dileep became truth.  Dileep Kavya wedding video with HD Quality will be released officially soon.

Now a Dileep Kavya wedding video trailer is released for all fans. This video trailer clip is of duration 4 minutes 51 seconds. Lakhs of viewers saw this video of Kavya Dileep marriage which is now viral in web. This video contains full length marriage from back stage make up in dressing green room to marriage hall, wedding reception, meeting guests.etc. Most tv channels got glimpses of only marriage hall and wedding moments only. but this exclusive video trailer released has all moments in marriage from early morning at Hotel Vedanta in Kaloor, Ernakulam on 25 November 2016.

Kavya Madhavan watching news, listening to actor Dileep’s revelation about getting married to his friend Kavya Madhavan is included in this video. So those who missed very very important moments in Kavya Dileep marriage can watch it. Lot of celebrity actors, actress from Malayalam film industry came to give their greetings, wishes to Kavya Madhavan, Dileep. Mollywood celebrity couple Kavya Madhavan Dileep marriage videos in High quality is taken with a film shooting experience and digital quality. It’s prepared by Dream Catcher team who has made this awesome.

On 25th November, most men looked at tv channels to watch Dileep marrying Kavya Madhavan and were busy sharing this news with friends. All women who saw Kavya madhavan wedding concentrated more on her marriage saree, ornaments used by her.

Even though wedding saree of Kavya Madhavan looked like a Kerala set saree, it was not. Kavya Madhavan’s weddings saree is a pure Silk saree of high quality. It has a green border with a silk blouse in green color. Actress Kavya madhavan looked gorgeous in wedding saree, blouse which resembled Kerala style.

After wedding Dileep took Kavya madhavan to his house named “Sarojam” near Aluva river. Dileep’s mother Sarojam welcomed them inside home by handing over a Nillavilakku to Kavya Madhavan.

Dileep, Kavya Madhavan left for their Honeymoon to Dubai on 26th morning 4.30 am in Emirates flight. At Dubai they were given warm welcome by their fans.

Dileep Kavya Wedding Video Trailer, Photos

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan,

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Dileep kavya wedding 

At Dubai Dileep is expected to do promotion of his new Malayaalm movie Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan which is produced by him.

Along with Dileep and Kavya Madhavan , Dileep’s daughter Meenkashi has also went to Dubai. There was revelation by Dileep that he married Kavya Madhavan based on daughter Meenakshi’s wish.

There was a controversy when Manju warrier said to her friends that she is sad that Meenkashi was made to tell lie that she loved her father getting married to Kavya Madhavan. Support for actress Manju warrier increased strenuously after Dileep married Kavya madhavan.

Everyone was expecting Facebook revelation of Manju Warrier regarding her response to her ex-husband Dileep marrying Kavya Madhavan. Instead she made a FB post on 27-11-2016 regarding Cuban former president Fidel Castro.