Dileep first wife name photo Actor Dileep’s first wife is not Manju Warrier

Malayalam actor Dileep has once again proved that he is master of ‘Kalyanaraman’. Every movie that Dileep ahs done has a message about his life or what he is doing. An example is ‘Welcome to central jail’ and he is now living this story in real life. Recently a shocking news is coming out saying that actor Dileep first wife is not actress Manju Warrier.

Til now everyone knew only about Manju Warrier who was considered as his first wife. No one knew about a story of another first marriage in life of Malayalam actor Dileep. Everyone knew till now that actress Manju Warrier is first wife and his second wife is Kavya madhavan. Now all such stories are going to be broken apart, when a news comes out that actress Manju Warrier is not his first wife. So who is actor Dileep first wife, this is now asked by all.

It is an unknown detail to public, but familiar among close relatives, friends of actor Dileep. Real name of actor Dileep is Gopalakrishnan and he is evidently an amazing personality with so many secrets in his life. Among them one of his top secret was that he had been married three times. Now on wards actress Manju Warrier will be only his second wife and his third wife if Manju Warrier. Does this news surprise all of you. It’s not a gossip, it’s a real story of Janapriya Nayakan Dileep.

This sensitive information was given to Police by his close friends or relatives. Now police is investigating is this angle too and trying to find out whether this is a real information or not.

Dileep’s second wife Manju Warrier’s brother Madhu Warrier was recently questioned regarding actress attack case. Police had questioned Siddique, Rimi Tomy, Idavela Babu, Kavya Madhavan, Sritha Sivadaas (Shritha), Mukesh, Nadirshah, Dileep’s manager Appunny, Kavya’s mother Shymala Madhavan .etc. in connection to investigations of this case.

Dileep first wife is not Manju Warrier – Then who ?

All latest news channels, online newspapers are reporting that actress Manju Warrier is not first wife of actor Dileep. he question that pops up in everyone’s mind is regarding who is Dileep first wife ?

This is a question that can be answered only by people who are close to Dileep or knows him from time he was a mimicry artiste before coming to movies.

Manju Warrier is not Dileep first wife – Manorama news

  1. Dileep first wife name is not known – May be she is married now, better not disturb her privacy by giving name.
  2. Dileep second wife is actress Manju Warrier
  3. Dileep third wife is Kavya Madhavan.

Dileep’s Marriage History

  • First marriage – Dileep marriage with first wife happened in 1990’s. Exact date is not known, Police under Perumbavoor CI Baiju Poulose is investigating old register office records.
  • Second marriage – His second wife was actress Manju Warrier on 20 October 1998 and he divorced her in 31 January 2015.
  • Third marriage – His third wife is actress Kavya Madhavan on 25 November 2016.

Manju Warrier is not Dileep first wife – ദിലീപിന്റെ ആദ്യ ഭാര്യ ആരാണ് – മഞ്ജു വാരിയർ അല്ല

Dileep had a love affair with a girl who was his relative. This happened when he was a mimicry artiste doing smnall shows. He did a register marriage with this girl at Aluva desham register office in name of P Gopalakrishnan. Later when he started getting roles in movies, he started a love affair with actress Manju Warrier. This led him to break relation with first wife. With help of relatives he made a compromise and settled it. After that he got married to actress Manju Warrier.

Even actress Manju Warrier did not know that actor Dileep had a first marriage and she is only his second wife. Kavya Madhavan who is is his third wife also will be surprised to hear about this latest news about Dileep.

Attack of Malayalam actress happened few months back on 17th February 2017 at Kochi in Kerala. With arrest of Sunil Kumar (Pulsar Suni) more details regarding this case came out. This led to collection of evidences against actor Dileep who is recently arrested and remanded in jail.