Malayalam Actor Dileep Daughter Meenakshi Dileep Age – Meenakshi Dileep Photos

Malayalam actor Dileep first marriage was with actress Manju Warrier. Dileep – Manju Warrier had one daughter whose name is Meenakshi. Janapriya Nayakan Dileep daughter Meenakshi is most discussed person in Kerala, It’s due to her parent’s divorce and her father’s second wedding. We are talking about actor Dileep who recently got married to Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan on 25-11-2016. With this Meenakshi Dileep is getting popularity like a Mollywood actress.

When Kavya – Dileep weeding news came out everyone saw her photos through tv channels. Those who wanted to wanted to know Dileep daughter Meenakshi can be happy in knowing that she is now around age of 17 years old. On 25-11-2016 actress Kavya and Dileep tied knot at Vedanta Hotel in Kochi, Kerala in presence of close relatives, friends. Dileep daughter Meenakshi is said to have forced her father to get married for second time. This revelation by Meenakshi Dileep is not believed by any one. Actress Manju Warrier also said to her close friends that she was sure that her daughter did not like her father getting married to Kavya.

Dileep daughter Meenakshi may have been forced by Dileep to allow permission to get married. During this time Dileep said that he thought of getting married to Kavya Madhavan, whose name was connected to gossips. Dileep and old wife Manju Warrier were considered to be best couples of Mollywood till few years ago. Suddenly things began to change and Manju Warrier went out of Dileep’s house without saying any reasons.

Later media investigated about it but could find nothing with evidence regarding Dileep – Kavya relation. On 25-11-2016 actor Dileep and actress Kavya Madhavan got married ending away all gossips.

This led to lot of controversies in Malayalam film industry after their marriage. Fans of both Kavya Madhavan, Dileep are now very angry towards them.

Dileep daughter Meenakshi said to TV channels that she is happy that her father Dileep gets married to Kavya Madhavan. Manju Warrier criticized this saying that her daughter Meenakshi was forced to give such a reply to media.

Most audience said to Meenakshi through FB comments that, Meenakshi will understand value of mother only when she loses it forever.

Dileep Daughter Meenakshi Dileep Photos

Meenakshi dileep photos on father dileep marriage

dileep-kabya-madhavan-at-airport  manju-warrier-with-daughter-meenashi-photos





Meenakshi with First Mother Manju Warrier

Photos of actress Manju Warrier and Dileep with daughter Meenakshi during initial stages of their married life.



In coming future we may see Meenakshi becoming a good actress in Malayalam film industry. Let us wait and see whether she has acting talents that are similar to Manju Warrier.

Meenakshi is now main topic of discussion among malayalis who are thinking about problems she may face in her life in future.

Soon after wedding Kavya Madhavan will become pregnant and Dileep will become a father once more. How will Meenakshi accept this situation. Considering fact that Meenakshi is at present around 17 years, we can hope that she understands everything better.