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Kerala actor Dileep arrested by Police on Monday, 10 July 2017. On 11th July 2017, he was produceed before Magistrate. He was left in Judicial custody and sent to Aluva Sub jail for 14 days. Dileep was welcomed to Aluva prison by angry mob by shouting slogans ‘Welcome to central Jail’. This is latest breaking news in all channels regarding actress abduction case that shocked Kerala on 18 February 2017. Malayalam hero Dileep is arrested in conspiracy case in kidnap and molestation of popular actress in South Indian movies.

Dieep is one of the most popular actors in Mollywood and known as Janapriya Nayakan. When news regarding actor Dileep’s involvelent in actress attack case came out, no one was ready to believe it. With actor Dileep arrest on 10th July every one is shocked. Police had earlier said that an arrest will be made in this case only after getting all evidence. Video and Photos of actor Dileep getting arrested and taken for questioning by Police in Aluva is being shown in all TV channels in Kerala.

Will there be more arrests in actress attack case is being asked by all. There are more chances that more people will be involved in a criminal conspiracy like this. Incident of attack on actress took place on 19 February 2017. Dileep’s close friend Nadirshah is also arrested along with Dileep in this case. Nadirshah is an actor, Director in Malayalam film industry. Recently Nadirshah became popular by directing a malayalam movie Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan.

Dileep is at present remanded in Alwaye Sub jail for fourteen days. When he was taken to prison he told media that he was trapped in this case and he is innocent. But people of Kerala are not ready to believe in his lies. from moment when Dileep dirvoced Manju warrier every one was angry about him. When gossips regarding Dileep, Kavya Madhavan turned out into truth when he married her in 2016, every one became angry with him.

When whole Kerala knows that Dileep has done this conspiracy for attack on actress in such a cruel way, we can expect everyone to be mad against him. Now its proved that actor Dileep has given quotation to Pulsar Suni for attacking this actress.

Dileep arrest case – Photos, News

Arrest of Kerala film actor Dileep and Director Nadirshah was made by evening 6.30 pm on 10th July 2017 (10-7-17).

Dileep arrested

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All Indian National channels are reporting Dileep’s arrest on actress attack case.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan second marriage was held few months back in November 2016. Actor Dileep’s life is filled with lot of mysteries regarding his first divorce with Manju Warrier, his second marriage .etc. Now when news came out that Dileep has made conspiracy to attack, every one is shocked.

Dileep had given quotation to Sunil Kumar to attack actress in 2013. Later in many situations both Sunil Kumar and Dileep met to discuss about tactics to attack her and blackmail.

Memory card of actress attack case is believed to be with Dileep’s relative and Police is investigating on it. Earlier Kavya Madhavan’s office Lakshyah was raided by Police to get this memory card. Kavya Madhavan’s mother Shyamala Madhavan, Dileep’s brother Anoop, Director Nadirshah will be questioned for further evidence about this memory card.

Presently actor Dileep is in Aluva Sub-jail and remanded for 14 days in prison by Magistrate. Advocate Aloor is appearing for actor Dileep. We should wait and see whether B.A Aloor is able to rescue Dileep from this case or not.