Dileep arrest trolls Malayalam funny troll on Dileep, Kavya Madhavan, Manju Warrier

Malayalam funny trolls in connection to film actor Dileep is now being shared by ever one. Dileep arrest trolls are trending in social media pages after he got arrested. On 10 July 2017 Kerala film actor Dileep was arrested in connection with actress attack case.

Real name of actor Dileep is Gopalakrishnan and after he came to film industry he is known by name of Dileep. Recently few months back actor Dileep and actress Kavya Mahavan got married. There were lot of controversies and gossips in connection to relation between Dileep and Kavya Madhavan from beginning. It’s a known fact that Dileep got divorce from his first wife and actress Manju Warrier for marrying Kavya Madhavan.

Dileep is a popular actor in Malayalam film industry who is nicknamed as Janapriya Nayakan of Mollywood. Dileep arrest trolls are now viral among Malayali’s in Kerala and spreading allover world among Keralites. Malayalam funny troll on Dileep, Kavya Madhavan is getting more importance at present as Dileep got arrested in connection with it. Among most popular trolls that are being shared the main character that is trolled is actress Kavya Madhavan. As Dileep’s second wife actress Kavya Madhavan is mainly aimed by trollers when they made trolls.

After marriage of Dileep and Kavya Madhavan there were many people who went up against these celebrities. At same moment, the support for actress Manju Warrier among people increased. Dileep’s malayalam movie Welcome To Central Jail is about life of a character who lives in jail.

In this movie actor Dileep does a character who has to life his life with his wife in jail. After Dileep arrest and revelations of his connections to actress attack case, his entry into jail is confirmed. This is why in most of trolls Dileep’s movie ‘Welcome to Central Jail’ has an important part.

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Latest new trolls are being added by Trollers allover Kerala. We will be updating more trolls based on new arrivals and all credits for it is for trollers who made it brilliantly.

We have tried to bring up all Dileep arrest trolls to one place for you all to share with friends. Among these there are many trolls related to Kavya Madhavan, Mnaju Warrier too.

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welcome to central jail movie trolls of dileep

welcome to central jail movie dileep troll

welcome to central jail movie dileep troll

Actor Dileep in Chithram Vichithram episode video (ചിത്രം വിചിത്രം)

Real News – Dileep 14 Days in Aluva Sub jail

On Tuesday, 11th July 2017 actor Dileep was taken to Magistrate who gave 14 days remand to him in jusicial custody.

Dileep was welcomed by people gathered around and everyone shouted his movie name ‘Welcome to Central Jail”.

Asianet News – Dileep’s arrest

Actress Kavya Madhavan is among most funny Malayalam trolls in connection to subject of actor Dileep’s arrest. And many trolls in support of actress Manju Warrier getting happy after knowing about this news is also being shared.

As per news sources it’s known that actor Dileep has confirmed that he has done conspiracy in attack on actress. More arrests will be made by Police in regard to this case. Director Nadirshah is another person who may get arrested in this case of actress attack.

What is present status of Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi. Every ones attention was drawn to this fact when Manju Warrier who is first wife and mother of Meenakshi pointed to it indirectly. Manju Warrier asked regarding what will happen to children if parents are not there and she mentioned that children are not anyone’s property.

In present condition of actor Dileep arrest and chances of actress Kavya Madhavan getting involved in it, what wil happen to Meenakshi Dileep. Will actress Manju Warrier get back her daughter Meenakshi.