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Daya Aswathy (ദയാ അശ്വതി) is one the two women who accused Solar scam case accused Saritha S Nair using very harsh words. Daya Aswathy videos are now viral in social media after it created lot of political problems. They posted a Facebook live video criticizing Saritha S Nair who is filing case against Congress leaders like Oommen Chandy. These girls said that Saritha Nair is not even eligible to be called as a woman and she is destroying good name of Kerala women.

Daya Aswathy accused that Saritha Nair is creating bad image for women of Kerala by creating controversies in molestation case against Congress leaders. After Daya Aswathy posted her Live Facebook video with her friend, this video became very viral in social media sites. People started sharing Daya Aswathy videos accusing Saritha S Nair and many people supported her. Soon things began to change when LDF Communist supporters started making attack against these women. She mentioned that a fake Facebook page in name of Aswani Daya is sharing her photos, videos and this is not managed by her. Page in name of Ashwini Daya is fake and is being used by someone to share her photos and videos.

Solar case was brought out by LDF Communist Party and they were using it as a tactic against UDF Congress in Kerala. When Solar commission report was given out on day of polling at Vengara Bye-elections day itself it was criticized by all because it was thought to be a move by LDF to affect voting at Vengara. This is why it is considered that LDF is supporting Saritha S Nair and using her to fight against Congress.

When these two women including Daya Aswathy came forward to criticize actions of Saritha S Nair and support former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy problems became worse. Communist party Facebook groups thought that Daya Aswathy and her friend are supporters of Congress party. This made LDF social media groups start creating posts and protests against Daya Aswathy.

Within few hours next thing we could see was another Facebook live from Daya Aswathy in which we can see her crying and telling about problems she is facing at present after she talked about Saritha Nair. Daya Aswathy was crying in this video after she was attacked by online supporters of Communist party. Daya Aswathy videos including the first one in which she was criticizing against Saritha S Nair and second video in which she is crying has become viral.

Daya Aswathy profile

She is a native of Ernakulam and she posted a video along with her friend. In Malayalam films like Romans, Bharya Athra Pora, Lucky Star .etc. she acted in small role as extra actress.

Actress Daya Aswathy revealed that she is not married and she is living by working hard in film industry. She said that she had a lover who cheated her. She was running a beauty parlor at Kochi and later she had to leave it as she was not able to pay rental expenses of the shop. She also acted in Ponnambili serial in Mazhavil Manorama channel and many other Malayan TV serials.

Daya Aswathy acted in movie malayalam movie Romans in a small supporting role in one scene.

at shooting location of Romans

Daya Aswathy videos that became viral

Actress Daya Aswathy meant to give strong protest against Saritha S Nair by going against her in Solar case and give support to Oommen Chandy.

First video of Daya Aswathy (നടി ദയാ അശ്വതി) accusing Saritha S Nair

Second video in which Daya Aswathy is crying

Her real name is Deepa and she took name ‘Daya Aswathy’ in Facebook because she was called by name Daya at her house. She is now a Junior artiste in Malayalam films. Daya Aswathy is working in film industry doing small roles in malayalam movies.

Photos of Daya Aswathy who accused Saritha S Nair

Daya aswathy videos

She said that she did not post this video to support Congress party of UDF. She also made it clear that she was not asked by anyone to support Oommen Chandy. Daya Aswathy and her friend decided to make this Facebook live video to protest against Saritha S Nair who is making allegations against politicians after having illegal relations with them.

Problems became worse when many Congress supporters shared Daya Aswathy videos saying that it is a reply against LDF in using Saritha S Nair in Solar case. Many people supported UDF after Daya Aswathy videos became viral and most people agreed that Saritha S Nair is being used by LDF to politically attack Congress.