DA Hike for Central govt employees State government employees Total DA

On 5 May 2016 it was officially announced that Kerala State Government employees and Pensioners will get 3 % DA hike. This Dearness allowance hike of 3% is applicable with immediate effect from 1-1-2016. The DA arrears till April 2016 will be merged into Provident fund and DA Hike for Central govt employees from May 2016 will be given along with salary.

After the Salary revision has been announced by the Kerala Pay Commission, the DA revision is announced for teh first time and DA Hike for Central govt employees January 2016 is a big relief to all employees and pensioners in Kerala. With this hike in DA the lowest amount of DA increase will be Rs.495 and highest will be Rs.3600. As the Elections in Kerala was on the verge, this hike in dearness allowance was made based on special approval from Election Commission.

DA Hike for Central govt employees and State Government staff has been announced. Is there any change or difference from the expected DA hike for State  (Officers, staff, teachers in education department) and Central govt staff  in Kerala. The details regarding DA Hike January 2016 has been updated as per 1-1-2016. Kerala State Govt employees and Teachers will get hike in DA according to the 10th Pay revision pay scales announced in 2015 and approved in Jan 2016. The increase in (ക്ഷാമബത്ത) Dearness Allowance (DA) is applicable from January to June 2016.

Dearness Allowance hike is always expected by the State Government and Central govt staff of India. In our country there are lot of price fluctuations and usually the prices of all consumer items, daily needs goods , petrol, diesel prices. etc. increase without any control.

So to make sure that all Government staff get covered from these unexpected hike in prices of products and consumer goods there is always a Dearness Allowance payment increase based on the Price index.

This does not give any benefit to private employees and people in other jobs. This is the main disadvantage and difference between govt and private employees in India.

DA Hike for Central govt employees, State

The DA hike from Jan 2016 for State and Central Government employees is mentioned as follows,

Kerala State Govt Employees & Teachers

From Jan to June 2016 the DA hike will be 3% and based on this the Total DA will be 9% of the Revised Pay scale of Kerala Government employees and Teachers.

The present DA calculation is based on the Consumer index scale of 261.42 from Jan to Dec 2015.  As per the revised pay scales the Kerala govt employees will get 3% DA arrears from January to July 2015 and 6% DA arrears from July to December 2015.

DA Hike for Central govt employees

Central Govt Employees

The DA hike of Central Government employees and Teachers as per the revised Pay scales will be 6% from 2016. Based on this the Central govt DA (Dearness Allowance) will become 125% which is raised from 119%. But as per the 7th Central Pay Commission Report the DA of Central Govt employees have been merged with Revised Basic salary for months from January to June 2016 and so they will not get any extra DA till June 2016.

If the 7th Pay Commission approval gets delayed, then the DA of 6% will be announced in March 2016, and for Kerala Central Govt staff the DA may get delayed.

From now on in 2016, the Central Govt DA will be lower than the State Govt DA. The new Fitment fixation of Central govt staff as per 7th Pay commission is after merging 125% DA and so the staff will incur 0.83% loss in revised pay scale. This can be overcome only if the new Central Govt Pay revision approval in April 2016, be done with hike in pay revision from the recommended pay scales by the 7th Pay Commission.