Ramaleela Malayalam movie review release date cast actress name photo

Dileep starring Ramaleela Malayalam movie release is expected at time of Onam 2017 season. This Malayalam film was scheduled to be released few months back, but was postponed due to arrest of actor Dileep. Release date of Ramaleela has been fixed to Thursday, 28 September 2017.

Two teaser trailers of Rameela movie has been released recently. This movie is a political thriller which is expected to entertain audience. Dileep is an actor who always entertain his family audience through comedy oriented movies. His recent condition in film industry is very pathetic due to his arrest.

Janapriyanayakan Dileep is now in jail for attack of a Kerala actress. This was why release of Ramaleela Malayalam movie is now a big question before Producer Tomichan Mulakupadam and Director Arun Gopi. Heroine of Ramaleela is Prayaga Martin. Along with this a Tamil actress Radhika Sarath is doing role of Dileep’s mother in this movie. Actor Mukesh who is at present Member of Parliamnet (MP) is doing role of a political character in this film. Based on present situations bail applications of Dileep are not considered by Court.

This was why Tomichan Mulakupadam decided to release this film on 28-9-2017 even if Dileep is in jail

Release date of Ramaleela movie is expected to be in September 2017. Producer of this movie is concerned about recent protest against actor Dileep and is worried that it might affect the collection of movie also.

Cost of production of Rama Leela movie of actor Dileep is estimated to be around Rs.15 crores.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

Malayalam cinema Ramaleela release date allover Kerala cinema theaters is 28/9/2017.

Actor Dileep is doing role of character MLA Ramanunni in this film. Actress Prayaga Martin comes in role of Heleena in this film.

Ramaleela Malayalam movie photos

Ramaleela Malayalam movie review

parayaga martin

Ramaleela movie official trailer

Ramaleela movie songs

Not released.

Ramaleela cast – actors, actress names

  • Dileep
  • Prayaga Martin
  • Lena
  • Mukesh
  • Siddique
  • Sreenivasan
  • Raadhika Sarathkumar
  • Ramesh Pisharody
  • Hareesh Peradi
  • Renji Panicker

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Pullikkaran Stara Malayalam movie review details of cast, photos, actress name

Mega star Mammootty starring Pullikkaran Stara movie is one of popular among latest Onam releases in September 2017. This film is getting excellent reports from all releasing centers. In this movie “Pullikkaran Stara” actress Asha Sarath is heroine. This will be an interesting entertainer movie during this festival season of Onam in Kerala. Mammootty movie Pullikkaran Stara is competing with Mohanlal movie Velipadinte Pusthakam.

Role of actor Mammootty in this Malayalam cinema is that of a trainer whose job is to train teachers and motivate them. Way of teachings by actor Mammootty is what makes him extra ordinary in this movie. The title of this film is that of what other says about Rajakumaran as ‘Pullikkaran Stara’ and in this movie we can see what it means. Teaser trailer of Pullikkaran Stara has been already released.

Malayalam movie Pullikkaran Stara gives importance to situational comedy and this new experiment makes this film an interesting one. Director of this movie is Shyam Dhar and script is by Ratheesh Ravi. Cast of actress in this film includes Asha Sarath, Deepti Sati and interesting characters done by Dileesh Pothan, Hareesh Perumana, Innocent .etc.

Release date of Pullikkaran Stara is on Friday, 1 September 2017 at all releasing centers in Kerala. Music composer M Jayachandran has done music composing and Gopi Sundar has done background music for this movie.

Pullikkaran Stara movie review

Interesting actress in this film other than Asha Sarath is Deepti Sati.

Who is actress Deepti Sati. She is Malayalam movie Neena fame heroine who did a male like bold character who loves Vijay Babu. After acting in movie ‘Neena’, actress Deepti Sati is coming back through movie Pullikkaran Stara.

Live updates

FDFS Shows for Pullikkaran Staraa has completed in all releasing theatres.

  • In one word this film can be described as a feel good movie. It is a pakka family movie and a commedy entertainer from Mammootty for all fans celebrating Bakrid and Onam.
  • There are no action or stunt scenes in this film and is clearly targeting family audience and everyone who wants to see a nice movie.
  • In film Pullikkaran Staraa actor Mammootty does role of character Rajakumaran who is an instructor for teachers in a training institute.
  • Theaters are filled with laughter from comedy scenes. If you aim to laugh then Mammootty starring Pullikkaran Staaraa is best choice.
  • Ratings for Pullikkaran Stara is around 3.5

Mammootty starring Pullikkaran Stara has released on Friday, 1st September 2017 (1-9-2017) as a Bakrid and Onam release. Actor Mammootty has come up with family entertainer film which will take up first place as a comedy entertainer for this festival season.

Rating is 3.5 out of 5

Malayalam movie Velipadinte Pusthakam that was released last day is receiving average reviews and has mixed responses from audience. Velipadinte Pusthakam is a watchable film which will make you enjoy and has got a rating of 3.5

This makes everyone gather up to watch Pullikkaran Stara film from complete actor Mammootty which will make everyone entertained.

Tapp Tapp Song Video

Pullikkaran Stara movie photos

Pullikkaran Stara heroine name Pullikkaran Stara movie

Pullikkaran Stara movie trailer

Pullikkaran Stara cast – actors, actress names

  • Mammootty
  • Asha Sarath
  • Deepti Sati (Neena movie fame)
  • Dileesh Pothan
  • Hareesh Perumana
  • Innocent