Google tez app how to use features of new UPI payments app from google

Google tez app is an Unified payments interface mobile app from google India. Initial launch of Tez app was done on 18 September 2017 by Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Android, iOS based Tez app is used for making faster payments and business transactions.

News of release of Google’s Tez payments application has given conidence to everyone to download and use it because of amazing security features provided for making, receiving payments through it. An important feature of this app is that there is no requirement for revealing your personal phone number or Email address or Bank account number to make a successful transaction.

Google Tez payments app is an easy to use interface for everyone. Business version of this payment app is very important for making small and large payments.

Mobile number you have given at bank account has to be used in this app also. Only if this mobile number matches your account details you will be able to make a successful transaction.

Google gives more security to this app by allowing you to fix a pin number or passcode every time you open this App.

Due to exciting features in Google India’s new payment app there has been millions of Google Tez app download from Play Store and iTunes store till now.

Exciting offer given by Google India along with launch of Google Tez app is an opportunity for you to earn up to Rs. 9000. Last date of this offer is 1st April 2018. This is a new reward program through which you earn Rs. 51 for every user who makes a download and makes first payment through it.

Google tez app how to use features

When Google Tez app was initially launched by Google India everyone asked what is the main difference between Tez and Paytm. There is a huge difference that makes Googles Tez unique against Paytm.

When Paytm app stores money you have added to wallet in its own bank account, Tez app does not do it. Tez is an app similar to Indian government’s official payment app Bhim which works according to unified payment interface UPI.

When using Google’s Tez app your money is not added to any valid and it will remain with your bank account. So you will be making payments when you actually want to do and not doing any earlier transactions like prior adding to wallets like in Paytm wallet or Airtel payments app or Jio money. etc.

Every single rupee in your bank account will get interest while you will not get any benefit when you have added money to  a wallet. It is through cash back offers many Wallet companies like Paytm, Jio money, Airtel money .etc. are attracting people to add money to wallets.

In Tez app there is no need to create a wallet or separate account and payments are made through this unified payment interface.

Tez for Business has lot of features like providing help for companies to send offers directly to customers.

Tez Shield latest security feature of this payments app which helps to prevent any kind of fraudulent activity or interference of hackers into it’s system.

For every transaction an UPI PIN is required PIN and this aop is protected by Google PIN or  screen lock pattern or fingerprint.

Another excellent feature of Tez app is its Cash Mode which helps you to send and receive money to any nearby Tez user without sharing your bank account or phone number details. This cash mode feature of Tez app is equipped with unique security features, voice command .etc.


Google Tez app download payments app for android ios from google

Google India is the latest one to come up with a payment app that is getting lakhs of downloads within 24 hours of launch. We are talking about Google Tez app download launched in India through Google Android Play Store and Apple’s iOs iTunes store. On 18 September 2017 official launch was done by  Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Few months back when Indian government demonetized Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes importance of online transactions became known to everyone. At this time Paytm company became popular through it’s online mobile transactions. Now it is turn of Google India to introduce Tez app and get into number one position in India.

Like Indian government’s official Bhim app the new Google app is based on UPI (unified payment interface). To increase Google Tez app download many promotion methods were introduced by the company. Among them most popular one is cashback offers on all kinds of payments made through Google Tez app.

Google has also announced rupees 51 as referral gift amount for everyone who refers their friends or any users to download Google Tez app. Maximum amount of money an individual can make by referral of Google tez app download is rupees 9000.

Tez app features

  • Instant Transfer of amounts into bank accounts.
  • Tez Shield security protects all your payment transactions.
  • Tez Cash Mode to give and receive payments without revealing phone number, bank account details.
  • Debit card, credit card payments.

Google tez app download in India

Google Tez app is available for download from Play Store and iTunes store. Both Android users and IOS users can download and install Tez application in their mobile phones.

Tez app Android version

Google playstore download of Tez app

Official website of Google Tez app is at

Tez app iOs version

Tez payments app helps it easy for everyone to send the money to their friends or in making business transactions like any other digital payment app.

Google Tez app download payments app

Tez app earn rewards, referrals

As this is a newly launched app, Google is offering lot of cash back offers for making payments and also referral fees upto maximum Rs.9000.

For every first payment transaction through Tez app every user will be rewarded with Rs.51. And for all your referrals who makes first transaction you will earn Rs.51 till maximum Rs.9000.

Special Tez Scratch Cards will be rewarded to users giving them a chance to earn upto rupees 1000 as gift. There wil be Tez Lucky Sundays contest where you can get chance to earn up to Rs 1 lakh per week.

Tez app customer care / toll free no

As this is a newly launched there are many problems reported by Tez app users and it is immediately rectified by customer care at

Or at

Tez Toll Free No 1800 266 66221 /  1800 258 2554

Tez Customer Support email –

Google digital payment app is configured as per National Payments Corporation of India’s Unified Payments Interface.

Google tez app was launched with credit as an exclusive Indian payment app by Google. This is the reason why Goozle tez app has become popular among people within such a short time than it’s earlier releases of Google Wallet and Android Pay.


Gratuity calculation software download and New Payment of gratuity (Amendment bill) 2017

Gratuity calculation in India is made by employers based on a very easy method of calculation. Gratuity payment amount differs for each employee as it changed with last drawn salary, number of years of service .etc. This is why everyone is after Gratuity calculation software download for knowing about gratuity they will get on resigning or retiring. All companies who have more than 10 employees will have to pay gratuity compulsorily after their retirement period or getting resigned. In September 2017 Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to increase tax free limit on gratuity amounts for private employees to Rs.20 lakhs. Earlier gratuity ceiling limit was Rs.10 lakhs which was now increased to Rs.20 lakhs giving relief to private employees.

With implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission ceiling limit under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 and Payment of gratuity Act was amended and new Payment of gratuity (Amendment bill) 2017 was submitted.  With this new change ceiling limit of gratuity of private employees will be Rs.20 lakhs with effect from 1 January 2016 (1/1/2016).

Most common doubt is regarding salary that is taken into consideration for making Gratuity calculation. Basic Salary and Dearness Allowance are taken for gratuity calculation while HRA, bonus, special allowance .etc. will not be considered. What is Period of service that is taken for Gratuity Payment calculations ? You should have completed minimum 5 years or 4 years 6 months of service to become eligible to receive gratuity payment from a company or establishment in India.

How to calculate salary per day of an employee for this gratuity calculation. You have to divide your 1 month salary by 26 days to get salary per day. Another most inquired topic in Gratuity payment is regarding Formula of Gratuity Calculation. Salary of 15 days for every completed year will be given as gratuity. For example if you have 5 years service then your gratuity will be 1 day salary x 15 days.

What is amount taken as salary for calculating gratuity. It is Basic salary + Dearness Allowance DA.

Gratuity calculation Formula = Number of years of service x Last drawn salary for 15 days


[ (Basic Pay + D.A) x 15 days x No. of years of service ] / 26

Excel sheets, Online Gratuity calculation software download .etc.

Based on Gratuity Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 and Payment of gratuity amendment bill 2017 there are few Gratuity calculation software download available. Most demand is for excel based calculators, online calculators and few mobile apps that make it easy to do gratuity calculation.

Gratuity calculator Excel  format –

Online calculator for gratuity in India at

Gratuity calculation software download

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in it’s first cabinet meeting after reshuffle of Union ministers took decision to introduce Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Bill, 2017 in Parliament. By amending Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 a new bill named Payment of gratuity (Amendment bill) 2017 will be passed by Cabinet in Parliament and made into a law.

All employees who have a service period of 5 years are eligible to get gratuity payment. Tax concession is available by a tax free limit of Rs.20 lakhs on gratuity payment.