Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally live winners list cwg gold coast

Commonwealth games 2018 is held at Gold Coast in Queensland of Australia from 4 to 15 April. As sports items are being completed everyone is eagerly looking for their country’s position in Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally table. Australia is now in First position of Medal tally with 187 medals including 75 gold medals. England team has managed to be in second position with total 123 medals including 42 gold medals. Team India is in third position with 59 medals including 25 gold medals which helped them get into higher ranking than other countries. When total number of medals are considered teams from New Zealand, Canada, South Africa are performing better than India.

Which are the three countries who are in first 3 places at Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally as of now is inquired by sports fans around world. Fans of all countries want to know live position of their country at present in medal tally table of CWG 2018.

XXI Commonwealth Games at gold Coast in Australia will see tight competition between countries like India, Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Scotland. 71 Commonwealth teams are participating in 19 sports categories held in 12 days which will have 275 sports events. Gold coast in Queensland is now centre of World’s attention with arrival of Commonwealth games 2018.

Prince of Wales Charles made official inauguration of XXI Commonwealth games in Gold Coast on 4 April 2018. Official closing ceremony will be held on 15th April 2018 which will be a great event saying thanks to all teams who participated.

Next common wealth games will be held at Tokyo in Japan during year 2020. Journey to Commonwealth games Tokyo 2020 will be announced during final closing ceremony of CWG 2018 at Gold Coast. Live updates of Commonwealth games 2018 medals tally table positions of each country will be made based on sports events completed.

Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally

No. Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia 75 55 57 187
2 England 42 40 41 123
3 India 25 16 18 59
4 Canada 15 39 27 81
5 South Africa 13 11 13 37
6 New Zealand 12 16 14 42
7 Wales 10 12 14 36
8 Scotland 9 13 21 43
9 Nigeria 9 8 6 23
10 Cyprus 8 1 5 14
11 Jamaica 7 9 10 26
12 Malaysia 5 5 12 22
13 Kenya 4 7 6 17
14 Singapore 3 2 2 7
15 Botswana 3 1 1 5
16 Uganda 3 0 2 5
17 Samoa 2 3 0 5
18 Trinidad and Tobago 2 1 0 3
19 Northern Ireland 1 7 4 12
20 Bahamas 1 3 0 4
21 Papua New Guinea 1 2 0 3
22 Pakistan 1 0 4 5
23 Fiji 1 0 2 3
24 Grenada 1 0 1 2
25 Bermuda 1 0 0 1
26 Guyana 1 0 0 1
27 British Virgin Islands 1 0 0 1
28 Saint Lucia 1 0 0 1
29 Namibia 0 1 0 1
30 Bangladesh 0 2 0 2
31 Sri Lanka 0 1 5 6
32 Cameroon 0 1 2 3
33 Dominica 0 1 1 2
34 Isle of Man 0 1 0 1
35 Mauritius 0 1 0 1
36 Nauru 0 1 0 1
37 Malta 0 0 2 2
38 Vanuatu 0 0 2 2
39 Cook Islands 0 0 1 1
40 Ghana 0 0 1 1
41 Norfolk Island 0 0 1 1
42 Seychelles 0 0 1 1
43 Solomon Islands 0 0 1 1

Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally

Based on Commonwealth games 2018 medal tally live updates Australia is First with 75 gold, 55 silver, 57 bronze and a total of 187 medals.

England team has total 123 medals with 42 gold medals, 40 silver medals and 41 bronze medals.

Indian team is now in third place with total 59 medals including 25 gold, 16 silver and 18 bronze medals.


Jisha mother makeover new look hairstyle of Rajeshwari latest news

Jisha’s mother Rajeswari said that all criticisms against her are fake. She said that wearing a good saree is not a luxury life and she does no even know how much money is in her bank accounts. Rajeswari said that she is working a ahome nurse and earning money for her needs. Rajeswari also said that she has not gone to a beauty parlor till now. Jisha case was controversial one few months back and investigation in thi case ended with arrest of Ameerul Islam. Rajeshwari is mother of Jisha case victim from Perumbavoor in Kerala. People of Kerala are discussing about Jisha mother makeover which is unbelievable for everyone.

As per latest news Jisha’s sister informed that these pictures have been taken long before. This was taken when Rajeshwari went to hear about Jisha’s case verdict. According to Jisha’s sister Rajeshwati went away from house 40 days before. Now Rajesjwari is at Medicine ward in Kalamserry Medical college. Photos that are circulating now were taken long before and it’s not true that Jisha’s mother is leading a luxury life.

When Jisha case happened everyone’s eyes were on poor Jisha’s mother and sister at Perumbavoor. They did not have a strong house to live and this was shown as main reason why Jisha was attacked easily. A culprit had got into house of Jisha which did not have any strong doors or windows. This news made Kerala government and many people decide to collect money and build a house for Jisha’s mother and sister.

When Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari was asked about her recent luxury living she said that she is not doing any wrong. She said that her old dresses kept in house were sealed by Police in old house. This was why she had to buy new saree and dresses.

Rajeshwari said that she has bank accounts in SBT and Urban bank from which she is able to withdraw cash only based on permission from authorities. It’s because this was a joint account in name of Rajeshwari and Dsitrict collector Rajamanikyam. Jisha’s mother waved off all criticisms against her saying that it was not true.

Jisha Mother Rajeswari’s Real condition is Pathetic

Photos Courtesy – Marunadan Malayali

Rajeshwari responds to Allegations against her

Jisha Mother interview video

Photos which circulated as Jisha mother makeover

Jisha mother makeover new look

Fake news against Rajeshwari

Criticisms were that Lakhs of money came into bank account which was started to help Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari. After few months of Jisha case investigation there was nees that there was a sudden change in way of living by Rajeshwari. New appearance of Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari was criticized by most people.

These pictures getting viral at present are old ones and are not taken recently. Jisha’ sister said that Rajesjwari is not leading a luxury life. Getting hair straightened from beauty parlor does not mean that it’s a luxury life. And Rajeswari said that she has not ever gone to a beauty parlor and these are just fake allegations.

Jisha’s mother Rajeshwari also informed that she will file case with Police against people who made fake news against her.


Kollam Ajith passed news Malayalam villain actor ajith family photos

Kollam Ajith acted in more than 500 movies including Malayaalm, Tamil, Kannad.Malayalam actor Kollam Ajith passed on Thursday, 5th April 2018. Kollam Ajith is a well known actor in Kerala film industry who acted in villain, comedy, character roles.

He was aged 56 years old when he passed at a private hospital in Kochi. Kollam Ajith was undergoing treatment for stomach diseases when his condition worsened by early morning 3.30 am on 5-4-2018. First Malayaalm movie of Kollam Ajith was Parannu Parannu Parannu releasd in year 1984. Director of movie  Parannu Parannu Parannu was Padmarajan. Before acting in this movie Kollam Ajith worked as an Asistant Director of Padmarajan.

Kollam Ajith acted in more than 500 films in supporting character, villain roles in many film industries. In Director CP Vijayakumar’s movie Agnipravesham released in year 1989 he got an important role. Malayalam actor Mammootty and many other celebrities wrote about him in social media after knowing about Kollam Ajith passed news. Ajith Kumar was born in Kottayam but he grew up in Kollam district whcih made him known as Kollam Ajith after he came into Mollywood.

In Bollywood actor Kollam Ajith was seen in Hindi movie Virasat released in 1997. As a Director Kollam Ajith directed 2 Malayalam movies Calling bell and Pakal Pole.

Last movie of Ajith Kollam is Pakal Pole which was directed by himself in 2016. Simhaasanam and Ivan Ardhanaari were last released Malayalam cinemas of actor Kollam Ajith. This film was released in year 2012 and after this film he was not seen in any movies.

Kollam Ajith passed news

Kerala actor Kollam Ajith passed on 5 April 2018 at a hospital in Kochi. He was aged 56 years. Funeral of Kollam Ajith will be held on 6 April 2018.

Actor Kollam Ajith family members include wife Prameela and two children. He has a daughter Gayathri and a son Sreehari.

Kollam Ajith passed

Mathrubhumi News

Kollam Ajith passed news

As a Director Kollam Ajithkumar directed Malayaalm movie Calling bell with actress Shalu Kurian in lead role.

Kollam Ajith Family photos

Family photos of actor Kollam Ajith will be updated soon.

Ajith Kollam acted in many Malayalam TV serials like Swami Ayyappan, Devimahathmyam, Kadamattathu Kathana. Popular Malayalam movies of actor Kollam Ajith were Yuvajanotsavam, Olympiyan Anthony Adam, No.20 Madras Mail , Nirnayam, Vettam, Aaraam Thampuran, Balettan, Pandippada .etc.

His performance in Malayalam film Nadodikkattu as a comedy villain gave him a new look. His performance in Nadodikkattu movie with Mammootty, Sreenivasan, Thilakan is still in everyone’s mind.