kerala nurses salary in private hospitals 2017 supreme court order minimum wages

kerala nurses salary in private hospitals were very lower than that of nurses who worked in government hospitals. This made nurses working at private hospitals go on strike demanding increase in minimum wages. Supreme Court of India made a verdict in 2017 that kerala nurses salary in private hospitals should be made equal to that of nurses in government hospitals.

Salary problem for nurses has been continue for a lot of years. It for the hard worker wages are doing in hospital setting reservation. It is made is gonna indefinite strike he was before. This India Supreme Court order made salary scales of private hospitals equal to that of government hospital nurses. Kerala government appointed a special committee for deciding whether Kerala nurses salary should be made equal to that of government scale as per Supreme Court order.

This committee submit a report to Kerala government that Kerala nurses salary scales should be increased and made equal to minimum wages in government hospital. This report has been submitted to Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who will take final decision regarding its implementation.

This will be get relief to Kerala nurses Association who went on strike demanding minimum wages. Private hospitals used to loot money from patients and used to pay very lower salaries to staff nurses who worked day and night.

Kerala nurses salary in private hospitals

With implementation of this report minimum wages the Kerala nurses salary in private hospitals will be as follows.

  • Staff nurse Rs.20,000
  • Nurses managers Rs.22,650
  • Nursing Suprend Rs.22,090
  • Assistant Nursing Suprend Rs.21,550
  • Head Nurse Rs. 21,020
  • Clinical instructor / tutor nurse Rs.20,550
  • ANM Grade I Rs.18,570
  • ANM Grade II Rs.17,680

Hospitals in Kerala which have more than 200 beds will have to pay nurse salary equal to that of salary of nurses in similar position at government hospital.

All the private hospitals that have up to 50 beds we have to give a minimum wage of Rs.20000 for nurses.

  • Up to 50 beds – Nurse salary Rs.20,000
  • From 50 to 100 beds – Nurse salary Rs.20,900
  • From 100 to 200 beds – Rs.25,500
  • Above 200 beds – Rs.27,800

kerala nurses salary in private hospitals

Are there new Kerala nurse salary scales Aster minimum wages for nurses working in private hospitals at Kerala according to Supreme Court order in 2017.

Till now private hospitals used to give nurses only very low wages. Association of Kerala had criticized this activity by Private hospital management. Based on this complaint the committee has recommended that Nurse trainee period should be limited to maximum 1 year only.

With this new recommendation minimum wages of private hospitals nurses will be equal to government nurses salary scale.

It is expected that based on recommendations of this committee appointed by Kerala government all Private hospital nurses will get salary as per minimum wages given to similar position in government hospitals.


PSC minus mark Kerala psc negative marking calculation for psc exams

What are the rules in Kerala PSC minus mark for calculation of marks in PSC examinations. Kerala Public service commission conducts examinations based on notifications given for selecting candidates to various job posts. Kerala psc negative marking is done for doing calculation of total marks got by a candidate for writing PSC exam.

Most of the exams conducted by Kerala Public service commission is based on objective question and answers through which candidates can select correct answers. There will be 4 objective choices from which a candidate can select the correct one and bubble mark it. Many candidates who do not know the right answer attempt to answer it by making a random selection from given choices.

To avoid candidates from doing random selection of objective answers in Kerala PSC examinations the PSC department has implemented PSC minus mark system. A PSC examination is done to find out the excellent candidate from a pool of job seekers. In recruitment of qualified candidates the system of PSC minus mark in Kerala Public service commission is really helpful.

For every candidate who is writing a Kerala PSC exam should know about rules of negative marks to make sure that you do not loss any marks unnecessarily. What is negative marking calculation all about and what are the things required for a PSC job applicant to know regarding it.

Knowing about negative marks is important while attending a Kerala Public service commission examination to become successful. Getting into a Kerala PSC rank list depends on negative marks.

Kerala PSC minus mark calculation

Kerala PSC is conducting objective examination for most of the notifications published. There will be 4 answer choices for each question from which correct answer has to be selected. Correct answer has to be marked as bubble. For PSC examinations there will be objective type question paper.

PSC minus mark Kerala psc

To win in a Kerala PSC exam you should know how to avoid getting negative marks.

For all PSC exams with total 100 marks there will be 100 questions and each question will have 1 mark. For marking wrong answer there will be 1/3 mark subtracted .ie. for 3 wrong answers 1 mark received for a correct answer will be deducted.

Negative marks will be given if a candidate bubbles 2 answers for a question. If a candidate does not mark answer for a question there will be no negative marks.


Kerala psc exam calendar 2018 KPSC exam time table schedule dates

Kerala Public Service Commission has published complete schedule of upcoming PSC exams in year 2018. Through Kerala PSC exam calendar 2018 all candidates who have applied for PSC examinations can keep track on exam dates. Recruitment of candidates to Kerala Government jobs is done by KPSC (Kerala Public Service Commission) through psc exams and by publishing rank lists.

KPSC exam date of all candidates who have applied for Kerala PSC Recruitment 2018 will be updated regularly. At present PSC exams schedule for month of January 2018 is published by KPSC.

Kerala PSC Exam Time Table for each month of year 2018 from January to December will be announced 1 month before by KPSC in their official website All examination notifications of KPSC recruitment will be updated in Kerala psc exam calendar 2018. Exam calendar of Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) helps in candidates to take print outs of hall tickets and make sure that they do no miss any PSC exam.

Kerala PSC exam time table will be available with detailed information of dates, times, districts, venues .etc. in the Kerala PSC exam calendar 2018 schedule.

Along with this detailed list of examination dates, exam names, posts, department names, category numbers, district venues of exams will be updated regularly.

Kerala PSC exam calendar 2018

We will regularly update online PSC Examination calendars of Kerala Public Service Commission which can be downloaded in PDF format easily as soon as it is published by KPSC official portal

Kerala psc exam calendar 2018

PDF files of official PSC Exam programs of below months will be updated soon.

  • February 2018 PSC exam timetable
  • March 2018
  • April 2018
  • May 2018
  • June 2018
  • July 2018
  • August 2018
  • September 2018
  • October 2018
  • November 2018
  • December 2018

For writing a Kerala PSC examination every candidate should have a Hall ticket and a Photo ID proof. Hall tickets will be available in official portal of PSC 15 days before conducting the particular exam. Taking print out of PSC hall tickets is necessary for attending this PSC exam conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission.